01 February 2018

Baby Must Have Items 3-6 Months

Perusual mom life has really kept me busy these last few weeks! I had been meaning to blog about my 3-6 month old must have baby items but every time I had a little bit of time, I would end up going to bed or catching up on the never ending loads of laundry!

So without further adieu here are my top 10 items!

1 Dockatot My son is now 7 months old and this is my MUST HAVE ITEM since we transitioned him out of his Rock N Play at 4 months and into sleeping in this at night and for naps. 

2 4 Moms Breeze bassinet I actually place the dockatot in the top part of this bassinet and that is how he sleeps. Of course it's game over once he is able to sit up on his own! I'll have to drop him down to the bigger part of the 4 Breeze playyard! 

3. Fisher Price High Chair. I am all about less cumbersome clutter, and I really wanted a high chair that didn't take up more space. This is our go to high chair as it sits on our current chairs around our kitchen table! 

4. Fisher Price sit me up floor chair Took a few tries for my son to get the hang of liking sitting up in this. Once he was able to hold his head up more and more he began to be able to watch mommy or cartoons or anything going on around him in this chair! 

5. Crane Cool Mist I run this humidfier every night. Winter is harsh on the nasal passages causing everyone in our room to feel dry. This helps everyone retain moisture. 

6. Jumper. We didn't introduce the jumper till he was 6 months old and his feet could touch the ground. Once he learned he could jump, it's been non stop entertainment in the jumper! 

7.  Baby Einstein toy. This lights up and plays music. It's easy to slip in your purse or take along wedged in the carseat to entertain any baby!

8. Eric Carle Floor Mat. This was used pretty much from day 1 tummy time started till he could roll front to back. Around 5 months we stopped using it! 

9. Baby Spoons. Once you introduce baby food at 6 months these work great! 

10. Infantino Toys My sons favorite are toys that rattle, crinkle, spin and vibrate. Infantino makes so many to choose from! 

11. I forgot to label #11 (mom brain for ya) it's the Bright Starts Bouncer Chair. Until my son could sit up, he sat in this a lot! loved to spin the toys and have me manually bounce him in it! 



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