30 May 2016

From Tilikum the killer whale, to Cecil the Lion, to the Yellowstone bison calf

This post isn't going to be pretty. This post is probably going to anger a lot of people with raging opinions all of which will disagree with my own.
Today Harambe the Gorilla was killed at the Cinci Zoo in Ohio because a child disappeared from his mother's eye sight for a few seconds and managed to climb  over a barrier which consisted of rails and wire before falling into the Gorilla's habitat. 

Every species in the world is going to protect their young. It's one of the laws of nature. Whether it's humans or animals. The problem is that the gorillas shouldn't have been there in the first place. We take pleasure in entertainment from confining these wild beautiful creatures to an environment that is best for viewing and making money. If we can stop being such a selfish race thinking that everything on this planet belongs to us then situations like this wouldn't happen. I'm a huge animal rights person, so unfortunately to some of you I am going to let you down and say there is someone to blame for this. We cannot blame a zoo for poor parenting. There are going to be no animals left in this world if we continue to wipe them out since we seem to think the human race must always come first. 

You always have to get down to the root cause of accidents. People keep asking "Why" until they get to a cingular point that is the single "thing" that caused the accident. In this case, it boils down to the parents failing to keep proper control of a small child. Period. Everything else is contributing factors. The parents should be held financially and legally responsible for the actions of their child...even though this isn't "fashionable" today. Sad to say it's very typical millennial parenting for a large percentage of parents (not all) example "let the child discover" "blame someone WHEN it all goes wrong" "sue everyone you see!" There are inescapable life lessons here. First and foremost, CONTROL YOUR small children because they are the children, and the parents are the adults. Second, don't mess with a wild animal! Third, the zoo and city should immediately take legal action against the parents for the loss of the valuable animal. Don't get me wrong, I am glad the child is okay, but that DOESN'T negate accountability for his protection and the parents are singularly responsible and accountable for this. 

I've heard, sue the zoo for the poor enclosure. Wrong again. There was never a problem or incident with this part of the zoo until today. 

I've read "Make the parents have to buy another gorilla to replace him." Comments like this really don't come any more uneducated or daft to the actual problem now do they? Really???? BUY ANOTHER GORILLA?!?! Are they insane!?? These are clearly the families that take their kids to seaworld because they have to entertain their children by watching beautiful majestic sea creatures swim in a trapped confined tank. 

When do parents actually take the blame or have to take the blame for not being good parents? This is what is wrong in our world today. We can never admit we screwed up. Well this screw ended up costing an endangered species his life, and that screw up is no lose your child at the supermarket "oops". I get it kids disappear in the blink of an eye. I've had it happen as a babysitter and even when I was watching my own brother. But this was a ZOO folks, filled with WILD animals. It's the one place parents are expected to be parents and actually watch their kids. It's not the zoo's job to provide day care!

This is just another case of a killing of an innocent captive animal. Humanity is severely lacking in our approach to animals and how we exist with them. This type of outcry that "the parents didn't do anything wrong and deserve no punishment" is like saying that a kid who runs out between cars and gets hit by a car, it's the drivers fault automatically not the parents. (SO wrong but happens all the time never the parents fault) 
We live in a society where "Parents" are to preoccupied to be parents. They live their kids in cars all day and roast them alive, they leave them unattended, and then cry why why!?

I'm tired of passing the blame for ineptitude. The parents are at fault. I am happy the child wasn't harmed, but do feel the zoo should sue the parents for having to kill an endangered species. Agree to disagree. 


  1. I also had BIG opinions of what parents should and shouldn't do, until I actually became a parent! It really pisses me off when childless people spew opinions about what a parent should and shouldn't do, meanwhile they literally have NO CLUE. And no, babysitting, being a teacher and having younger siblings is nowhere near what it means to have your own children, how laughable. So, like the last sentence of this post said, I will agree to disagree!

  2. To people like me pets are our kids. In case you haven't been a reader of my blog I haven't been able to have kids so by all means attack me with the venom that clearly you think you have the right to belittle me since I don't have any of my own. Us animal moms love, care and worry for them as if we had given birth to them. We treat them better than some people treat their human children. Having kids is a choice, and no one has a right to undermine anyone's love, loss, fatigue and lifestyle. Just because you have kids does not make you the authority on everything or any parent for that matter.

  3. As a mom I have a really big issue with the lack of supervision for children in many public places. I am by FAR a perfect parent but I am a worried parent. I honestly think that there are child predators out there just waiting to pounce on the opportunity for a parent to take their eyes off their children! My son does not get out of the cart in the store, out of the stroller when we are out. If it causes a meltdown we leave. I'm teaching him to be safe by pushing these things. They work for me and my family. Others can chose to do what they please but I won't agree with it. I am enraged by what happened at the zoo for so many reasons. I'm shocked that no one saw and no one stopped him. I firmly believe in the "It takes a village" I'm actually not a fan of most zoos or any form of entertainment where animals are involved. I don't believe that animals are here for our entertainment.

  4. I will comment from the standpoint that I see SO many kids in my own neighborhood that are unsupervised. It's a real problem. Or they are left in the care of older siblings who are off doing other things and not watching. It's scary. And not just from a getting hit by a car standpoint, I mean from a child abduction standpoint. I am a parent, and to those who know me, I may be viewed as a "helicopter mom" but that is what I am comfortable with. I agree, wrong to put the gorilla down. I don't understand their reasoning.


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