22 July 2015

Summer Reads

I cannot say enough good things about Kristin Hannah's new book "The Nightingale." It was one of the best page turners I've read in a long while. I love when that happens--when a book just sucks you in and you can't stop reading it! This was a 400 page book that I read in 2 days, which I was able to crank out mainly because on the second day I was on 3 hour airplane ride to Colorado so I had no distractions! 

I loved Kristin Hannah's Firefly lane and Night road. Highly recommend those books by her as well. 
And if you are having any more doubts about this book, it's also listed on amazons top 2015 books of the year! What's the book about? You can always read the synopsis on Goodreads or Amazon, but to sum it up, it's about 2 french sisters during WWII and all that they go through when the germans attack and invade France. I couldn't put the book down. So good! You won't be disappointed!

A book I didn't like which many are reading now...
A Girl on the train 
SKIP IT. Some are comparing it to Gone Girl. Eh NOT EVEN CLOSE. I was really quite annoyed with the main character. The book was slow moving till the very end. 

You want a thriller, read anything by Chevy Stevens or Gillian Flynn. This book wasn't even comparable to the other authors mentioned above. 

I am just about finished with Harper Lee's new novel "Go Set a Watchman." 
I'm on the fence about this book too. To Kill A Mockingbird is such a classic (obviously since it's a required reading in just about every public school I know of!) It's just hard for me to grasp the concept of why now, why would the author decide to release this book all these years later. There will be great debate, now and for years to come, if the book should have been published. And many will say "No." I'll let you all decide.


  1. I'm currently reading All The Light We Cannot See.... will have to follow with one of your recs.

  2. I really enjoyed The Nighingale too! I listened to it and it was a great one for the car!

  3. I also really enjoyed The Nightingale. if you want to read another novel in the same family read The Paris Architect. It is an easier read and less emotional, but that was good after coming off Nightingale.

    I agree with you about Girl on the Train... I would end up skimming often.

    If you want to read a book that is written with a similar style to Gone Girl, I will recommend The Luckiest Girl Alive. I even envisioned Rosamund Pike as the main character.

    You should start an online book club!

    1. The Luckiest Girl Alive is on my nightstand as we speak! I Just have to finish a book that I checked out from the libary first!


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