23 June 2015

2 months of catching up!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts it's been yet again crazy around here! From April till now I haven't had much time to do anything other than pack, move, unpack, potty train a pup, job search, get lost and learn my way around CLE, OH just to name a few!

Ohio summer! 2015

Ohio summer! 2015
How am I 33 years old!?! Where has the time gone!?

Within 2 weeks of being settled in Ohio, I could hardly stand being alone so for my 33rd B day, hubs agreed to add a new member of our family. 

Our hearts are full! She's completely different from Aspen girl that much I can tell you! Lucy barks (unlike Aspen) she also chews everything! Ahh! Fingers, papers, door stops, you name it! We have mastered the potty on the pee pads and sit now if we can just get her to go outside or let us know she has to go we'd be in good shape! 

Introducing Lucy Lu! 


In case you were recalling be blogging last summer about moving..... Here's a refresher.
Last summer we attempted to move back to Ohio before our house sold. (Mistake) as it forced us to come back to AZ. Well we upgraded a few things this time in our house, (Granite countertops in the kitchen and changed out a few gold hardware door knobs for silver and presto magic our house sold in 4 days this past March!) 

We then decided to have me finish out the school year of teaching and decide to relocate back to Ohio for good this time.  I think this big change was a good thing. Losing Aspen was so hard and being in our home in AZ was hard everything triggered memories of her. I now completely understand why people (including my dad) decide to move or leave homes after someone dies. It's just easier. As a child when my mom passed away, I was super angry for my father uprooting us kids out of our childhood home. I thought it had everything to do with my step mom who just didn't want to live there. But in hindsight, it was really about the pain my father felt going inside the home that my mother passed away in. It was just to hard. I don't blame him. 

As far as teaching in Ohio goes, finding an art position is no easy task. The openings are slim to none for full time. :( If any of you that read my blog know of ANYONE in the school district in the CLE area please let me know! :) 

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  1. I want a pom so bad so until I am married & can con my hubby into it I will live through you with Lucy Lu... She is just a little doll & I enjoy her little photos on instagram :) I am glad you all are adjusting quite nicely..


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