26 April 2015

The Age of Adaline


"Like many women, Adaline (Blake Lively) is 29 this year, and was 29 last year and the year before that. Unlike other women, she is telling the truth: She has been 29 for 78 years, and “The Age of Adaline” is an entire century and change.

Echoing “Groundhog Day” and “Benjamin Button,” “The Age of Adaline” is a romance with an enticing emotional structure. Adaline (who stopped aging after a freak accident that combined hypothermia with a lightning strike) feels she can’t tell anyone about her condition, so she hasn’t allowed herself to be photographed since 1954 and uses forged identity papers. Every 10 years she picks up stakes, changes her name and creates a new life, retaining emotional ties only to a series of identical spaniels and to her daughter — who today looks old enough to be her grandmother and is played by the venerable Ellen Burstyn."-blurb taken from NYPost 

So I saw The Age of Adaline on Friday afternoon and loved it. All I wanted to do was time warp back to earlier eras so I could be around the fashion and good mannered people of those times. Seriously why don't women today dress as they did back then!? It kills me! 

Some might say the narration in the film is a little cheesy, but then again you know going into the film that no one lives forever or doesn't age so you have to play along. I couldn't drag my hubby to this one, so I went alone. It's worth seeing in my opinion. I couldn't tear my eyes of the big screen from Blake Lively. She was stunning. 

I couldn't help but question and ask my self, why aren't women today more like what I saw on the big screen? Why don't we speak more eloquently and act more lady like? Sometimes I just don't get how all of these great things got so lost in translation over the years. 


I think this quote on the picture below pretty much sums up the movie and why anyone should go and see it! 



  1. Ah I loved this recap! I wanted to go see it too! Maybe I'll do that tomorrow night when my boyfriend is at softball! :)

  2. Such a great movie! I saw it over the weekend and could watch it ten more times and be completely happy.

  3. I saw this movie over the weekend (also by myself) and totally feel the same way. I wish there were more strong female characters that act like ladies in films, and in real life. And how she dresses in the film?! Love love the fashion. Glad you enjoyed it! I LOVED it too! :)

  4. I am really looking forward to seeing this movie! I've heard many great things about the movie and of course the fashion.


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