22 March 2014

I heart Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars

One might ask, did you do anything for your spring break? And my response would be yep, sure did-Watched all 3 seasons of Veronica Mars starring one of my girl crushes Kristen Bell.


I was sucked in from the moment I started this show. The love affair between Duncan and Veronica the potential of them being half brother and sister...the death of her best friend her best friend's boy friend and his crazy life. What could one not love about this show!? 

So I finally made it to the theater to see the movie. I just had to see how "Veronica" was doing 9 years since the show ended. I was really hoping that Duncan Kane would somehow come out of the woodwork and be in the movie..perhaps a triangle in Veronica's love life between Logan and Piz. Didn't happen. :( Sad face. 




The infamous black bag/purse made it back into the movie. Cool points in my book! 


KRISTEN BELL at The House of Lies Press Conference


Did I mention Kristen has the best hair?!?! Seriously...I die! Best styles and cut ever. She always looks impeccable. 

I will say, when watching the movie, you could definitely tell she had just had her baby. Her boobs were HUGE in the movie and you can tell they did their best to "cover" her body up. Didn't faze me at all though. 

On a random note, I cannot find these ANYWHERE!!! Everyone remembers these cardboard shoe boxes for storage right?!?! Seriously I searched every where online and in stores. No luck. All there is plastic and who wants that heavy crap in their closet? Not me! 

Cardboard shoe storage
And there's my random post for ya for the weekend! 


  1. Hey girl! How did you watch the 3 seasons...netflix? I didn't think they had it on there?

  2. After reading your post I decided to start watching... HOOKED! And there are so many episodes in each season. I can't wait to watch the movie!


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