19 February 2014

Photographs That Speak

Do you ever stumble upon a photograph that really speaks to you? Even moves you? I found these recently on the web and just thought WOW! The photographers did such an amazing job capturing that moment! These types of photos are what would of been a source of inspiration had the internet been more of a "source" back in college. tumblr_mzk38kYavi1r06q46o1_1280
This photo just blows me away. The contrast between black and white the details of her goosebumps...I could go on and on!
Underwater photography is such a mystery to me! I don't know ow they capture such great pics or what types of cameras have these capabilities! 

Night photography. Super hard to get just right. It's all about exposure. Something I studied a lot in college but haven't really messed with since. 


Pops of color. 

Sally Mann and Elliot Erwitt are two of my favorite photographers. I've written two college papers on both of them and why they inspire me so much. 

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