25 September 2013

Fall's hottest TV Shows

Last year I blogged about how much I was loving Sarah Michelle Gellar's show called Ringer, and then it suddenly got cancelled! 

The good news is that she is returning back to tv and her co star is Robin Williams. Shut the front door! I nearly fell off my chair. Seriously who better to have on a funny tv show than the funny man himself! 





Here's the trailer in case you haven't seen previews!

Next up, another former TV/movie star returning to television, Michael J. Fox starring in the Michael J Fox show!!! And the lady who plays his wife is the lady who played Hank's wife in Breaking Bad!

I am really excited that he's returning to TV, proving a point that he is going to BEAT his illness and not let it get the best of him! :) 


And of course, I am still watching Homeland (only shown on Showtime) season 3 looks great! 


What are your must see TV shows this fall? 


  1. My must-see return shows are Castle, Scandal and How I Met Your Mother. As for new shows, we are loving Brooklyn Nine Nine!

  2. I've missed my shows... darn summer! Excited for them all returning. This show looks great too. Robin Williams is hilarious! ;)

  3. I'm actually really excited about robin Williams show and Michael j. Fox's show!! They look hysterical!

  4. I love Michael J Fox and will watch anything he ever does!

  5. So far the first episode of The Crazy Ones was ok, looking forward to seeing more of it!


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