10 August 2013

Art Room Improvements!

I've spent the last week trying to get my room in ship shape order for next week when all my students return! Doing it with taped up toes and a special shoe has had it challenges!

This is what happened to my hair on the first day back in my classroom! LOL It never fails, I always somehow someway get paint in my hair! 

As far as the set up in my room, here's what I've got so far!

I added caddies to each table this year. I've tried this many years ago, but found the kids often played with the stuff in the caddies and stuck stuff that wasn't suppose to go in them. But, I'm going to try always having the kids store them on the side counter rather than leave them on the tables constantly. We shall see if it works. That back wall of lines and colors is now different, I need to take a picture of what I put up there. 
I also came home and took all the crayons that got peeled last year, and started to bake them in my silicone trays. I am going to use the former old but now new crayons as "incentives" in my class for when good things are happening--IE sharing, kind words, kids cleaning up without being told etc etc. 

One of the best part of being an ART TEACHER is all new TEACHER ONLY art supplies! This is my teacher only caddy on my desk! 

Drying racks are definitely not new, I implimented the STOP signs on them 2 years ago, but moving them by the door is new! 

I made these cute circle bubble labels to jazz up my ugly filing cabinet! 

I saw this on Pinterest midway through last year, and thought to my self I must make it for next year! So here's my version of the art catch up Ketchup day! 

The bathroom sign I bought last year from a teacher website to remind kids about using it before they come to art! 
The bathroom signs are my fave. I've been using this method for the last 4 years. Kids flip them from green to red when they have to go. They do NOT have to ask me to use the restroom. One of my biggest pet peeves is when they interrupt in the middle of me giving directions about using the bathroom. This way visually kids see hey the sign is green, I can go, they flip it to red, which signals to other classmates that they have to "wait" till the sign or the person comes back when it's back on green to go to the bathroom. Many other teachers on my campus have liked my method and implimented it. 
Mona Lisa I tried out last year, kids love it. When I want quiet, I holler "MONA" and they reply with "LISA" and that is our signal to zip the lip and listen! 

My teacher desk is more of a stand, and I have no drawers! This is where all my teacher stuff goes since I don't have a few drawers to throw it in. 

Close up of my old ART containers. Made those many years ago! I've blogged about it before. 
My teacher corner! 


  1. Your classroom is so adorable!! l.o.v.e it!

  2. I love the pom poms hanging from the ceiling :) Too cute..

  3. Love the way you have decorated your classroom! Great job Cassie!

  4. i want to fly out to join you next year to work on art room fun...one reason i love back to school is the supply shopping!!! i think i missed my calling ;) hahaha

    looks GREAT friend and i love the ketchup day reminder

  5. Aww, I love it! You put so much thought/time into it!

  6. I wish I could come create in here!


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