16 September 2009

Back to School!

I have decided to keep anyone that cares up to date with my art lessons and such! This is my first blog, hope it doesn't bore you all to much! It's a brand new school year. This is my fifth year teaching. It has already flown by--The first 2 months of teaching thus far that is! We are about to head into Halloween projects. The theme for this year is all about GREEN. Going Green that is! We are all trying to make more projects out of recycled goods. With a budget nearly cut way more than just in half, I have had to turn to other alternative ideas to help educate my students in their artistic endeavors! Here are my kindergartener's first art assignment. It was on the different variations of LINE and COLOR and PATTERN. They did great. I drew the shoe template and they had to fill in the sock with lines. I left the coloring all up to them!
Here are my first grader's night time cityscapes. It was our first partial recycled art project with the use of newspaper!
Kindergarten's Picasso Bouquets!

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