26 May 2013

Almost Done!

Two days left of the school year till SUMMER! Woo hoo! This year seemed to drag by, but then the last 2 months or so have really flown by!


This lizards are the most asked about art project ever. I always save it for the end of the year. The kids are always so excited to make them!



These are 2nd grade Ice cream sundaes. I must admit I was a little surprised by a few comments on instagram, some people didn't seem to see that is was ice cream!?




In other news, this scene has been driving me bonkers. Shoes all over our closet floor. I don't own that many pairs. So I went on amazon and bought a shoe cabinet. 

That was a real pain to put together. Not to mention it has to be "Mounted" to the wall to securely hold it up. Bleck! 

Husband wants me to return it, but after all that assembly, I say no way! Those little shoe racks just don't seem to cut it for me! 


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