18 July 2012

Etsy Find/Purchase

I am not one for keychains on my car key ring. In fact, all I heard growing up from my dad was how the weight of having tons of key chains on your key rings can ruin your ignition.

Whether that's something that just true for older cars or does in fact apply to new, I'm not sure. But it's something my dad stressed NOT to do. 

Anyhow, back to the key rings. 

Here's my current key ring:

growing up, I could NEVER find any personalized key chains that said "Cassie" so when I finally found one many years ago, it found a personal home on my keys! (The Cassandra one is from when I was home in Illinois last, decided to pick one up)

Now you really wanna know how much I hate clutter and junk on keys? I have a whole separate key ring for those annoying plastic cards that stores make you have to get their discounts and such.

Yep that's right a whole different ring for them!

I keep these separate for another reason too. Safety. Personally, it's not very safe or smart to have your "life" on your keys. If you ever lose them, you lose, well everything obviously! 

You probably guessed it, my school keys are in fact on a completely separate key ring as well! (whistle in tow too! haha)

So what's replacing the "Cassie" keychain?

Well considering I'm about to become a MRS here in less than 2 weeks
what better gift than this:

The etsy seller is DreamNcolor 
The large copper circle says "You & I" which is our song (mister wonderful & I) by Michael Buble' Our favorite!!! 

Here's the example I saw her her shop that made me fall in love!

And there you have it! my now official one and only key chain that will join my keys! 



  1. Aw thats a really nice idea for key rings! They look great!

    I was like you too when I was a child, I could never, ever find my name on any of the personalised stuff! Darn my parents for wanting an 'unusual' name! haha! :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  2. Thats so cute! Maybe you can get Mr Wonderful one also - albeit smaller, and manlier ;)

    Have you seen the framed keys with the dates? I saw them on Pinterest - it would be a cute way to highlight the keys of places you and Mr W have lived, or for your new house

    You know you can get an app for the iphone or android and scan all the store cards in, then when you want to use one, just scan your phone.. Just a thought.

    AND, it should be against the law (ok, that might be stupid) to sell 'common name' key chains. I can never find my name spelled correctly - and when I can, its on some stupid object, like a plastic snow globe, for $30 that I feel obligated to buy. So irritating!

  3. You find the best stuff on Etsy! I need your patients to search!

  4. Haha, that whole keychain weighing down the ignition must be a dad thing! Mine told me the same thing :)

    I also keep my store cards on a separate key ring in the change part of my wallet!

  5. CUTE! I am recently falling in LOVE with Etsy...and even going to be opening my own shop on there as soon as I order the supplies to start making my stuff. I love all of the things you find on there!

  6. That's cute! I should get something with my wedding date on it :D I don't have much on my keychain either. I keep all those annoying plastic discount tags in my wallet (I keep the card one).

  7. Your new key chain is super cute!!! I have always been the complete opposite. I have a love affair with key chains. Before I could even drive I collected key chains. Odd. I know!! My car is push to start so I don't have to worry about the ignition thing, but I have also heard that too much weight can mess up your ignition.

  8. This is So cute!! I might have to order one for myself!

  9. SO cute:) I think I might have to purchase one of these:) Getting so close to your big day! EEKK so exciting!

  10. very cute!

    my dad used to say the same thing about the weight of keychains...still not sure if it's true though...

  11. Ahhh so funny - my Dad said the exact same thing! I love your little Chicago license plate - I have an AZ one and it's lightweight and very sentimental. I am so excited for your big day!


  12. ah! i'm so jealous of your "cassie" keychain. i too am plagued with that problem. :(


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