20 July 2012

Book Review

I rarely read a book that moves me as much as this book did. Few can really understand the journey of abuse unless you've lived it or witnessed it first hand, but the journey of Emma makes readers a part of it.  It is difficult to put something that dramatic into black and white, showing the emotional pull and internal conflict that is inherent within abusive situations, without making the character seem weak or masochistic. But Donovan depicts the story of a girl that suffers so that others won't, masterfully demonstrating the multifaceted decisions that Emma makes every day. It is NEVER just that simple.

The book is lengthy, allowing the story to really develop, rather than rushing the experience. Every moment is built into another, keeping the reader captivated while the story unrolls. It was refreshing to read a book that focused on true life, rather than fairytales and the supernatural, and still have it be just as riveting. Every piece of this book was the everyday experience of one teenage girl, and yet it was an epic journey.

I know that there is some controversy over the ending, but I honestly think that it would cheapen the experience of the journey to have it tied up in some pretty package at the end. Don't get me wrong, I am SO relieved that there will be a sequel, but the beautiful words of the epilogue literally took my breath away.
I am already into book #2 following this book.

If you've ever read "A Child Called IT" Then I highly recommend this book!



  1. I read all of the Child called it books and the first two literally made me sick to my stomach. Becaause I just couldn't imagine! I might have to read this if I think I can handle it.

  2. I'm so glad you liked this book! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the 2nd book.

  3. Ok...this book is officially on my list to read! I've read all of the Child Called It books, and do child abuse prevention as my full time job. This one sounds interesting.

  4. This book sounds really great! I'll definitely be reading it

  5. It sounds like it would be a good book. I have never read this one or any of the others however their is always a first time for everything. When I find some time I will have to take some time to read this!


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