02 December 2011

Winter Festival

 19 kids helped me glue down 2 out of 3 sections I teach of 2nd grade art. It took NINETEEN kiddos to help get all this completed and ready for show 24 hours before our winter festival at school. 

 Outside our front gates to our school -4th Grade Ornaments 
2nd grade Snowmen Chalk 

 3rd Grade Large Snowman
 5th grade Partially cropped snowman head

For the last month I have been teaching my after school art students how to make water color cards. I taught them every technique I know. I think it's safe to say they are now water color EXPERTS when t comes to making the perfect water color painting! 

Each card is one of a kind, made by a student. We sold six packs out of 20 packs made. They were 12 cards for 15.00. Even though there were a ton of vendors that came tonight, (SCENTSY & PAMPERED CHEF etc etc) it was very apparent that times our tough for families, as I did not witness a whole lot of sales for many of the vendors! 

Regardless, the compliments made my night. Parents were thrilled to see their kids art hanging, for me that constitutes a successful evening! 



  1. Everything looked so festive! Love it. And those watercolor cards look beautiful. They would make very special gifts, that's for certain.


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