06 December 2011

Ali & Roberto No More...

I saw this in the check out aisle today, and had to have it. 

I follow both Ali and Roberto on Twitter and FB, and I was in shock when I read that an online article on Thanksgiving said they had split. I was like WHAT?!?! NO WAY! I mean follow them on twitter, both had just tweeted cutesy lovey dovey stuff not all that long ago!

For anyone that has followed my blog, knows I'm a die hard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan and Ali by far, has been my favorite Bachelorette. I really thought these 2 would make it. 

What I gathered from the article...

their break up was pretty much the result of squabbles and fighting. No one cheated or anything along those lines. 

I wish them the best. 

Only 2 Bachelor Bachelorette Contestants are still together/and or married

Trista and Ryan 

Jason and Molly

Hmmm now what are the odds that Ali will call Jake back up?


Either way, Ali & Roberto, your cutest power couple status will be missed...



  1. I didn't realize this show was still on lol! Tells you how much I keep up with tv! I did watch it back when trista and Ryan were on tho.

  2. I was eyeing that mag yesterday at the store, but didn't get it. I loved them too, although my all time favorite couple will always be trista & ryan. I too love the bachelor/ette, and my friend wants me to get on the show haha!

  3. I was really bummed when I saw this the other week. I also really thought that they were going to make it. I don't think Ali will EVER go back to Jake...he's such a weirdo! haha

  4. noooooooo! I love Ali & Roberto! They were by far my favorite couple. I hope this isn't true....gotta get on following them on twitter. So sad :(

  5. I follow Ali and Roberto on Twitter too and I was surprised to hear that they broke up also! They were always posting sweet things about each other. I think Trista and Ryan are my favorite Bachelor(ette) couple ever!

  6. They were very cute, but my gut told me it wasn't going to last and I still don't know why...

  7. I saw that too and did a double take! I had no idea they split. I also heard she was "mean" to him..but who REALLY knows! only them I guess. :)

  8. she's been my fave bachelorette too...and jillian (although she didn't pick reid). i love trista & ryan as well...i still remember the proposal/poem like it was yesterday. =)

    megs [at] Shine On

  9. I sure hope she doesn't go back to Jake... he is uck!

    I loved A & R together, though.

    :( Sad face. Thanks for sharing the article so I wouldn't have to buy it! LOL


  10. ugh i loved ali too - i thought she should have chosen chris over roberto, though he's happily paired up with peyton now i think.

    i follow her on twitter too - hoping she stays in entertainment and on tv somehow since i love her style.

  11. i don't watch it anymore, but trista and ryan melt my heart! their little family is adorable! and jason - swoon! i think i was one of ten people who still loved him after his little debacle!

    (i changed my url and messed up everything, so feel free to come back and visit!!! http://withlovekenli.blogspot.com/)

  12. Hmmmm maybe they will get back together. The weird thing is that as much as I loved them together... They always reminded me of me and my ex. I look like ali, in regards that I am white haha and my ex was hispanic. But even our personality traits were spot on. So when they broke up I felt better about my break up. I know that is probably the weirdest thing to relate to, but I swore for a moment I was like, whew okay. But now I am hoping they can work it out. My ex and I used to argue a lot too.

  13. I was SOOO sad when I saw this too :( Besides Trista and Ryan, they were my favorite couple on all of the Bachelor TV shows :( Oh well, new season starts in January!

  14. Awww I was so sad when I saw that!! :( I love her!!! But really, wasn't the hugest fan of Roberto. Although, I REALLYYYY don't like Jake, so let's hope THAT doesn't happen! haha

    And, can we talk about how cute Ali's dresses are?! Ugh. I. want. them. all.

  15. Awww man... I saw the news here! So sad.. but honestly I'm not that surprised.

  16. When I saw this breaking news on E! a week or so ago I was so so upset! I LOVE THEM. I too am I huge bachelor/bachelorette fan!

    Do you do the bachelorette/bachelor bracket every season!? I so do!

  17. I know, I was so sad and will have to pick-up the magazine!! She was my second favorite (I loved Trista)

  18. Your blog is so cute and so are you!

    I'm diggin your sense of humor and your constant updates!

    I will def. be following you!!

    Keep in touch!!



  19. How disappointing. I follow them both on twitter too and had no idea. This makes my heart sad!

  20. Im so sad! I knew the other wouldnt last but I thought they were really in it for the long haul! IS Ashley still with her guy?

  21. I was sad to hear about them splitting too! They felt like such a "real" couple actually!


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