31 December 2011

Will be the link up for Bling Bling show us your ring! 
After a ton of tweets that were so upbeat and positive about the link up, I went ahead and got the linkup for this already!

If you are on twitter, I tweeted the button I made in Photoshop so be sure to drag it and save it on your post (if you want)

You can share your engagement story or any story about your ring good or bad! 
IE The proposal, if your diamond has even been "lost" or broken
or no story about it at all is okay too! 

Single ladies--
 you are MORE than welcome to share your "Dream ring" or a ring you have been eying that you really like! 

How else is the boy going to get the "hint" right? heheh

I just thought this linkup would be a fun way for other bloggers who aren't engaged or close to, to get an idea of what types of rings are out there, without having to be embarrassed to look inside a jewelry case or being bombarded by those pesky Jewelry sales associates! 

If you can, share the deets about your ring! 
Shape, cut, clarity, etc etc. 



  1. cannot wait to read this linkup!

  2. Can't wait! I'm not single or engaged, but I LOVE reading stories and seeing rings. Yay!

  3. I love that you included us ladies who aren't engaged yet! I leave my boyfriend "hints" all the time about the kind of ring I want (read: I text him pictures) so I'm going to try to link up with this! And I can't wait to see everyone's rings :)

  4. I just started following your blog, and I LOVE this. Lord knows there is a story as to why I still wear my ring, so I will def be linking up!
    Have a great night!


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