05 December 2011

Little Rascals: 90s Edition

Whatever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, evening TV…and the young cast of 1994 full-length film, The Little Rascals?

Bloggy peeps keep telling me how much they like my nostalgic where are they now posts, so here's another!

*All info and pics are VIA web searches! :)

Alfalfa, played by Bug Hall

was a mainstay of 1990s kids’ movies, starring in The Big Green alongside Steve Guttenberg, The Stupids, Disney’s underrated Hercules, and the direct-to-video Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, the third and final film in the series. When the 20th century became the 21st, the leading roles for Hall decreased, but he’s made plenty of smaller appearances in TV shows, ranging from CSI and The O.C.; movies, like Tobe Hooper’s Mortuary; and TV movies.

So in other words, he he still in the acting business. 

Spanky, played by Travis Tedford 

His Twitter bio reads that he’s “that one kid from that one movie...”), who wouldn’t appear in another movie or TV show until four years later (unless you count those adorable Welch’s Grape Juice ads), when he was cast in Smart Guy, Profiler, The Pretender, Slappy and the Stinkers (a crappy version of The Little Rascals), and A Bug’s Life, providing “additional voices.” He now lives in Texas.

Darla, played by Brittany Ashton Holmes

According to her MySpace, “I was a actress when i was little, and did this movie called Little Rascals. It's like really embarrassing to watch, and i don't want to act any more.”

Froggy, played by Jordan Warkol and E.G. Daily

The demands of playing Froggy were too much for only one person, so the amphibiously-named character was split in two: Jordan Warkol provided the body, so to speak, and E.G. Daily the voice. What else do the thespians have in common? They both did/do voice acting work: Warkol owned the roles of Chocolate Boy on Hey Arnold! and Eddie “Prince of the Underworld” Valentine on Rocket Power, while Daily worked on another Nickelodeon show, Rugrats, where she voiced Tommy Pickles. She can also be heard in Powerpuff Girls (as Buttercup) and the theme song for Two and a Half Men, lip-syncing Angus T. Jones’ part. Daily continues to be one of the most respected and widely used voice actresses out there (she has three projects coming out this year, including Happy Feet 2), while Warkol is now attempting a career in standup.

Buckwheat, played by Ross Bagley

His most recent role was voicing Gible on a 2010 episode of Pokemon. Little else is publicly known about his private life, other than he really, really, really likes the Los Angeles Lakers.

Waldo, played by Blake McIver Ewing

A.k.a. the kid who looks like a Culkin, but isn’t a Culkin. Outside of playing rich-kid Waldo, he also played obsessive-compulsive Derek (Michelle’s friend) onFull House, Junior’s pre-teen enemy inProblem Child 3: Junior in Love, Arnold’s soup-can headed pal Eugene on Hey Arnold!, and has performed on albums with Natalie Cole and Phil Collins. He’s released a choir album, On This Christmas Night, and has an impressive theatre resume, including tours for Ragtime (for which he received an Ovation Award), The Light in the Piazza, and Teen Witch the Musical. And he’s still not a Culkin.

And there you have it!

Oh and my most favorite quotes everrrrrr from the movie?
"Quick! What's the number for 911!?" 
"That wasn't sand, that was kitty litter"
"dear Darla, I hate your stinkin guts!" 
"I got a dollar I got a dollar" hey hey hey hey! 
"Boys ewwwwwwww girls Yuccccccck"
"This is the He man woman haters club!"



  1. Awww I love this..I loved that movie and the kids all have grown...I thought Darla was too cute!!

  2. i LOVE this post. that's one of my favorite movies. i could probably recite the entire thing. Porky and Buckwheat were my favorites.

  3. Ah I love this! I loved watching Little Rascals as a kid. So interesting to see where they all ended up!

  4. THis is so cool. I love that movie... Sad about Darla.

  5. LOVED this, lady! I love that movie... still!

  6. Oh I loved this! The Little Rascals is still one of my all time favorite movies! Some of the actors I barely even recognize! That's crazy.

  7. OMG, this is awesome!! haha! I always disliked that kid who played Waldo- especially when he was on Full House.... he enunciated everything a little too much and was a little too light on his feet for a child

  8. I own the movie on DVD ;) Loved your little facts on where they are now.

  9. That's funny! I am pretty sure one of the kids became one of the main characters on Friday Night Lights, the tv show.

  10. This was on tv just the other night and I forgot how much I loved it.

  11. I loved this film!
    So strange to see them all grown up!
    Thanks for sharing the cute images.

    Abigail x

  12. Love love love love love! The Little Rascals is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love reading about where all of the actors are today... They look so different! And Brittany Ashton Holmes' comment from her MySpace made me laugh out loud. At least she's humble about it!

  13. one of my favorite movies!! Love this post Cmae!!

  14. yes i def love seeing how child stars end up! some of them love it and some of them hate it. i def hate it when you see a good child star go on to not make movies any more.


  15. super interesting to see here they all ended up!!

    ps. has anyone told you yet that you look like the prince's wife in 'once upon a time'?

    megs [at] Shine On

  16. AlfAlfa grew up to be a hot-tay! ow ow ow

  17. What a fun post! I had no idea EG Daily did the voice of froggy. One of my friends from high school/college nannied for her for a while when she first moved out to LA.

  18. Can I just tell you-
    I AM SO PUMPED you did this post!!

    this is one of my all time FAVORITE movies. I have to watch it every single time it is on. I used to watch it every single day at my granny's house :)

    Thanks for this.
    made my day!



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