21 December 2011

What do you when....

You randomly are blog surfing, and you stumble upon a blog (or two) that have the SAME TITLE as you???

Do you change your blog title? 

Keep it? 

Check to see who's been blogging longer? 

or contact the person (like I did) and ask them, hey did ya think to google your blog title before you smacked an-already-taken-title on it? 

True Story.

Granted the words Happiness, Love, Life, newlyweds, diary are all over the blog world. Duplicates I understand are going to happen.

Most blogs seem to stem from song lyrics, titles or poems, even the Bible. 

What would you do?

Long ago my blog was Live What you Love, and for this very reason (all way to popular words in blogworld) I changed it. 

Granted Happiness isn't all that much more non popular!

Needless to say, it's frustrating. 

Part of me said, just take my twitter name and put it in the blog 

MyOhMy stemmed from the song Zippity Do Dah in case you all were wondering :) 


then there's my tumblr account which is Hummingbird Heartbeat.

not sure those really role with my blog?





  1. I have yet to stumble across my blog title (granted there are different versions of it). But I have no idea what I would do, did they respond to your email? I would probably just keep my title...there's bound to be a duplicate of every blog title out there now that blogging is so popular!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  2. That's a toughy!
    I'm not for certain what I would do either!

  3. This kinda happened to me..I just changed my blog name..but I had googled it before I changed it and nothing showed up..just a bunch of lyric pages and blogs that talked about waking up in Vegas..so I changed it..and then I decided I wanted to change my URL and just entered in my blogname.com and some bodies blog popped up :( but I already announced the changed so in deciding to keep it for a couple of reasons 1. They don't blog anymore. They stopped their blog but still have the URL 2. People have reacted very positively to it! So we will see what happens!

  4. Keep your blog name. Your blog is VERY established so I don't know if changing your name would be beneficial. I am sure the person just didn't know to look around and see if there were other blogs. It was good that you contacted them though. That is what I would have done too.

  5. Did the person respond to your e-mail? I love your blog the way it is! I say do whatever you think is best...if you love your current title keep it. If you feel the need to change it up go for it...your readers will love you regardless!

  6. I don't think anyone has the same blog title as me.. it would be kind of hard, I think!
    I love that you e-mailed them :) I say keep your blog title.. for the people that have been following you, like myself, enjoy seeing a new post for Happiness is... on my blog roll everyday!

    Merry Christmas!


  7. I think hummingbird heartbeat is adorable! And would be less common :) Yet you don't want to change an established name.

    xo Shane

  8. I'd say keep it! Personally, If I run across someone's blog with the same title as my blog, I wouldn't change it because I love my blog name :)

  9. That happened to me a number of times when my blog name was Life As I Know It. It was definitely frustrating and I eventually changed the name.

  10. mine used to be "isn't that just peachy" and i feel like that's a much more common phrase than i ever realized. then i wondered why the heck i didn't put my name in the title because, really, how many more kenli's can there be in the world. maybe incorporate that somehow?

    p.s. if you decide to change it - be sure to figure out how to keep your followers! i really messed up and changed my url, meaning every single one of my followers - POOF! i miss them so :(



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