26 December 2011

Movie Review!

Anyone venture out to the movies this holiday weekend?

I asked Mister Wonderful to go and see NEW YEARS EVE with me!

I really liked the movie Valentines Day, so I thought this would be right up my alley!

While the movie does have an "all star" cast, it didn't have the same spark as Valentines Day did! :( 

I thought the story line plots weren't as linked as well as Valentines Day was. Ashton Kutcher, Jessica biels, Ludacris were not the SAME roles as they were in Valentines Day, so that threw me off.

I thought it was cheesy when Lea Michelle from Glee sung in the elevator...

That's all I can say about it! I'd wait to rent it! 

Speaking of new years eve, who's got their dress all ready for the big night!?

I ordered this beauty from ASOS! 

Can't wait to wear it!



  1. I had heard that New Years Eve wasn't as good as Valentine's Day, so I was a bit disappointed. I'll probably watch it when it comes out on DVD. Love the dress!

  2. It's disappointing this movie isn't as good as I expected it to be! You're not the first person who's given it a less-than-satisfactory review... Guess I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.

    That dress you ordered is gorgeous!! Love love love.

  3. so glad you did this review. I almost went to see it.

  4. what a bummer! i planned on waiting for DVD anyways for this film, but i was looking forward to seeing it.

    that dress is so cute! i'm so happy that it's easier to find long sleeved dresses this year than it has been in years past

  5. Ahh :( I loved Zac Efron's story line with Michelle Pfeiffer. I thought it was so unique and creative. But, I agree, the others weren't so stellar.

  6. I haven't seen it yet, but all I want to know is what is ASOS!!! I love that number :)

  7. I was also a little disappointed with New Year's Eve because I am such a fan of Valentine's Day!


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