05 July 2011

Tail Wagging Tues Vol 9

Howdy bloggers! It's been a month or so off of tail wagging tuesday, but today we have ourselves a link up!

Since we haven't had it for a wee bit, today's topic is:

 just to share some pics of your fur babies enjoying their summers thus far :)

This is how Aspen has been spending her summer. Remember, when 

it's 110 degrees by noon, here in Arizona,this is all

 I tend to do too!

And our thermostat is set at 78! (77 at night)

Oh yes folks. Not only does baby girl have her own floor fan in the living room,she gets to use one in our bedroom too. Seriously though, it's always worth it. Then I don't see/hear her panting like it's to hot for her.

I get mighty mad at pet owners who I see walk their pets outside

 around the afternoon times. Don't get 

what I mean? slip your flip flop off in AZ and touch the cement 

with your foot. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!! That's 

what you will feel. It's scalding hot. Now imagine trying to force 

a dog to walk on it. NO THANKS.

So what have all of your fur babies been up to? running through sprinklers? laying in doggy pools to keep cool? Endless napping? Link up to share!



  1. Aspen is such a cutie. Love that you have fans just for her. I like you am always amazed by how some people treat their pets when the weather is so warm. I saw several dogs yesterday left in cars and it was hot and muggy here is Massachusetts.

    Funny you mention the temp of the ground! I thought about bringing Daisy May to the track one day {to just let her run around -- because she is like a JACK RABBIT with her energy and the track is like a rubbery padding-its neat } but then I bent down to touch it to see how hot it was......no thanks!

  3. That is a great picture! I love her liv'n it up in front of that fan!!! :) I don't have a picture up of my dog, but I did take one of her recently. We just got back from vacation about 2 weeks ago, and she has been stuck to me like glue since then!!!! She was laying on my arms while I was on the computer!


  4. Crap! Forgot you were brining it back today...will do it next week, can't wait :)

  5. bahaha In front of the fan! She is too precious! And so glad you're bring it back, I'll be participating later today :)

  6. Awww! Aspen is too cute trying to stay cool. :)

  7. Yay! Aspen is so spoiled :) Poor thing with all that hair!!! <3

  8. Thank you for bringing Tail Wagging Tuesday back! I have missed it!

  9. Ah! How adorable is little Aspen in front of the fan?! I'm so looking forward to Tail Wagging Tuesdays now :)

  10. Thanks for the revival of TWT! It made me smile.

  11. I totally agree on the hot pavement thing. We have lighter cement sidewalks, but even still I usually make the dogs walk on the grass!

  12. Thanks for hosting!! Aspen is precious as always! :)

  13. what a cute little lady! i adore that you give her her own fan....sounds just like our own family! :)

  14. So cute! I love that she sits in front of the fan!

  15. Aspen certainly knows what's up when it comes to surviving the hot weather. She's so adorable!

    I saw a woman walking her dog on my way home from work today. It was like 90 degrees out at 5pm (not as hot as Arizona, but still very warm!) and she was practically dragging the poor puppy down the street. He definitely looked way too hot to be going for a walk and when I drove by I actually thought to myself, "Umm lady, maybe you shouldn't be taking him for a walk? He doesn't look like he's enjoying himself."

  16. OHMYGOSH! (all caps necessary for this). I get SO mad at people that leave their pups out or walk them in the heat. We live in a nice neighborhood (must preface before I say this) but apparently someone down the street got their kids a lab. As a puppy. And EVERY DAY, that lab is TIED to the tree in the front yard. They have a fenced back yard.. and also.. what the EFF?! It's 100 degrees?! Just when I'm about to go snatch the dog and rescue it, someone takes it inside. I'm not sure what their schedule is but it pisses me off. What crappy people.

    And now that I'm off my soapbox, Aspen looks crazy adorable in front of that fan! haha! So cute! Gracie just keeps sleepin on the cold tile in the kitchen. She gets so hot, too.. poor pup

  17. SO adorable that she has her own fan. seriously. love that.

    and 77 at night?? WHAT?!?!?!?! Holy cow girl, I keep ours now hotter than 69 degrees inside. Do you sleep under blankets at night??


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