27 July 2011

Judging from Hindsight

We all here that expression used "Don't Judge Me" quite often don't we?

Oh but the irony of that statement. It practically screams do judge me by what I say.think.see.do.write.wear.

2 things I will be flat out honest that I judge people by. 
(Don't laugh)

Or rather should I say DONT JUDGE ME? ha


I think 2 ways to judge how a person TRULY lives is by 
how they keep their toilet/and or bathroom area. 

I cannot STAND using anyone's bathroom if I see/find/spy hair anywhere in the vicinity of the place of doing business! I feel that the toilet is the ONE thing in the house that is to be kept clean and sanitary at ALL TIMES. Dirt, dust and hairs (from anyone and any part of the body) simply do not fly with me if I see them on le toilet! 

And for those of you wondering, 

The toilet paper goes OVER not under at my house! And yes, I'm one of "THOSE" ppl that fixes it Ie at school in the bathroom if it's upside down! LOL


I'm judgmental about how ppl keep their cars. Okay all you moms with kiddos that eat cheerios and spill drinks in the back officially hate me now right?

I  even have rules for my own car! LOL I don't eat in my car. Yeah, you heard me. No food. 

I have a friend, who thankfully isn't on blogger who seriously has so much SH*T in her car, I was petrified to ride with her. She literally had a mound of clothes, cds, junk in her passenger seat which she so graciously cleared off for me to sit down. And much to my horror, what did I spy on her seat? Some big goober of old mushed foreign something toxic looking mashed on her seat. She so totally saw me gaping at this mess, and said "Oh that's been there forever it won't mess up your clothes". 

Because I want to sit my new Express black pants in THAT. ew. kill me now. 

So folks, if you car resembles or looks anything like this,
Safe to say I'll be driving myself separate. 

So why am I freak about these 2 things? The way I figure it, these 2 things are things/places that people at anytime other than yourself may have to use if they are over visiting, and thus should be kept clean and sanitary at all times. I think cars can be a breeding ground for germs more than a restroom! Think about how often YOU disinfect your car. Um never right? And neither do the people that detail or wax your car. 

Don't judge me. 

Or do.


Have a great day bloggies! 



  1. You are absolutely right...these are 2 places that people visit and they should be the 2 cleanest places!!! And my TP goes the same way in my casa...over!!!!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  2. Love this!! I totally agree! Bathrooms are a big thing to me too!

  3. I do the same things!!! I probably clean my car once a week, its a problem. And thank you for the comment yesterday, it really helped. Especially when I know I'm not the only one! Oh and for the comment the other day, I hear it all of the time, so nothing knew!! And I love reading your blog!

  4. i could not agree with you more! totally laughed out loud!

  5. I completely agree! And I would add kitchen sinks to that list. If your sink isn't sparkling clean when I come over I tend to hesitate when drinking out of one of your glasses or dishes. A sink tells me how clean you are in your entire kitchen! Funny how we all have these quirks... :)

  6. I am totally a toilet paper OVER person, and will also fix it when it's "wrong" hahah. Great post!

  7. so today i will be cleaning/detoxing my car.

  8. I totally agree with you on the bathroom judging!! Any type of hair(s) on the toilet...and I'm not doin' my business!!! So gross.

  9. I totally agree with you! If people would tidy those places up on a regular basis, everything would be fine! I would hope. I'm the same way about the toilet paper... it has to go over!

  10. Lol, I completely agree with you girl!!

  11. hahahahaha. u make me giggle. i hate hair too!

  12. I don't disagree with the fact that a filthy bathroom and car are disgusting. My sister in law's bathroom is a horrific mess, and I will do ANYTHING not to have to pee while I'm there. However, for me - my house and my car are my PERSONAL space. I didn't buy my car or my house for anyone else - I bought them for me. I spend 99.9% of my time there, so I really could care less if it's up to anyone else's standards. I don't leave them filthy because it makes ME uncomfortable, but if someone is going to judge me based on the appearance of my car or house, then they can hit the road. I actually do disinfect my car. I read an article a while ago about the massive amounts of germs on your steering wheel, and since then I disinfect it weekly, if not more often.

  13. Thank you for the TP reminder hahaha

    I literally hate cleaning out my car but I did manage to do it recently and I will say it felt wonderful and it is still spic n' span.

    About the food in the car though...YOU KNOW ME...IF IT SMELLS GOOD. I EAT. NO HESITATION. lol go ahead JUDGE me..

  14. I seriously want to give you a big high five! Go girl.

    I agree 1000000000000000000000000000000%!

  15. I agree with both! Dirty bathrooms especially!! {However, I do eat in my car...}

  16. Oh, I hate toilets!! I literally clean mine every day! I hate them being dirty! Im the same with the toilet paper, annoying if its under rather than over! I am guilty of the messy car... Not with food tho! At any given time I may have 5 diff pairs of shoes, a couple sweaters and a change of pants & kids toys... I clean it out every weekend, but it adds up:/

  17. OH EW! I can't stand if either of those places are dirty too!! I am better with keeping the bathroom clean and try very hard with my car...but yeah.. very much agreed on these judgements!

  18. i agree about both of these comments... though lately my car has been a major #fail since im moving. stuff has piled up... i cant wait to clean it all out!

    and yes... tp OVER not under... that irks me too and i have to fix it... though the people i work with are so ghetto half the time they leave the roll EMPTY...

  19. haha uh oh i think i have some cleaning to do! But all and all, I'm not too bad! And I've quit eating breakfast on my way to work, unless it's a smoothie, but it does make a huge mess to eat toast in there everyday! And I'm talking about in the car... lol


  20. yes, me and my cheerio littered car do officially hate you right now.

    j/k. Just WAIT til you have kids. (I say that every time don't I? And I'm sure every time is more annoying that the last huh. Just for the record, when we bought a shiny new SUV when I was pregnant with baby #1, I SWORE that there would be NO EATING OR DRINKING IN MY CAR! I had been in other moms cars and there were burger wrappers all over the floor, spilled beverages, etc. I was NOT going to be that mom. Yeah, so that mom now.)

    For me, besides the bathroom, it's also the kitchen. A dirty kitchen says a lot about a persons cleanliness!! I can NEVER go about my day when my kitchen is dirty. Clutter I can live with, but DIRTY? no.

  21. I could not agree more! My cousin, who I often ride to work with, has the messiest car ever! I dread having to go sit in it even for the short time it takes us to get to work!

  22. OMG girl I TOTALLY AGREE!! I AM THE SAME WAY!!! I have a friend whose car is like that too. And I can't stand if people leave the towel in my bathroom on the counter, hello there's a little holder you got it out of, please fold it and put it back in there. Ugh annoying!!!! so LOVE THIS!!!

  23. This post cracked me up. However we put our toilet paper on backwards because if not the cat rolls the whole thing off. lol.

  24. BAhahahahaha!!!

    I totally agree with you on the bathroom thing and Raven on the Kitchen thing. Please people you eat in there!!

    The car is another story. It was clean when I bought it but hanging out with a two year old all the time and his preteen sisters have done awful things to my SUV. Sad. So I bought another car. It's my "clean" car no kids or dogs allowed. I actually don't think we've ever eaten in it. If adults and I are going out we take the clean car, kids get the dirty SUV.

  25. My sorority sister was the queen of dirty. If you looked at her car or room, you might start feeling like she was becoming a hoarder or something. People couldn't even sit in her back seat at one point.

    Part of initiation week were we would prank people....we pranked her by cleaning her room and car!

  26. I'm right there with you, girl! The toilet paper definitely has to go over not under and cars should not be that gross!

  27. THANK YOU! Toilet paper only goes that way. Why in the world would anybody put it any other way haha!

  28. totally agree:

    hair in the bathroom isdisgust...who knows what part of the body that came from. i don't even want to know.

    the toilet paper goes OVER..charmin really needs to start putting instruction on it.

    and seriously-the car is not a trashcan....dont' be a lazy sloth.

    XO, A

  29. I totally 100% completely agree! Dirty bathrooms are a NO NO! It also drives me crazy when someone toilet paper is wrong. I just want to say - Didn't your mama teach you anything?

    Love this post and love your bloggy! XO Magan

  30. I judge people by their bathrooms too! I clean mine every other day- at LEAST wipe the counters and Lysol!

  31. HAIR. NAaaaaaasty. I HATE hair in the bathroom. This is hilarious. And I couldn't agree more on the toilet paper needing to go OVER and not under. Love this.

  32. Hair in the bathroom groses me out too! Yuck!

  33. I'm obsessive about my car too (although right now it needs a good vacuuming and wipe down)! My friends all tease me because I freak out if anyone brings leftover food from a restaurant in my car - I don't want it to smell like food! And forget eating in it, never going to happen.


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