30 July 2011

July Wishlist!

School is literally creeping right around the corner. And am excited about going back? Meh....Not so much. I have a TON of setting up to do in my new art room. 

The only thing in my sights is P A Y D A Y at the end of August. I totally fudged on my summer pay this year, thus leaving me with NO money for really the month of August. Yeah it's been fun.

But if I did have money, and was keeping up with y'all's cute finds and such...These things would be on my want need wish list! 

Lots of you ladies rave about this dry shampoo. It's first on my list. I am going to openly admit after a day of not washing my hair, it looks like a giant grease pit at the roots. Grosses me out. 

There are many different brands out there. What does everyone use/and or recommend?



  1. im like that too;
    after one day;
    i have always just used a tad bit of babypowder; and it works wonders;
    i know that sounds weird; but if you use baby powder then blow dry a bit;

    but i have used a couple of the spray kinds;
    i like rockaholic from bed head. that works too
    and that doesnt break the bank.

  2. i can't believe school is about to start. i had a nightmare last night that i went to inservice and it was actually the FIRST day of school. ahhhh...

    i like the psssssst dry shampoo that can be found at walgreens and now walmart. it's cheap but it works, i tried it after jessica simpson talked about how she uses it.

    don't think about school, think about the days/week we have left of summer :)

  3. I have one dry shampoo that seems to work pretty well, but I want to try the psssst kind because everyone raves about it!!

  4. I actually started using Suave's dry shampoo. It does the job and it's super inexpensive.

    But I am all about keeping my getting ready routine to a minimum during the week. I like my sleep :)

  5. I'd really like to try dry shampoo too! I have to wash my hair every morning or it won't look right. I hope to get some soon! Let me know if you try any and if you like it!


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