24 July 2011

Another one Bites the Dust

RIP Amy Winehouse.

My Sunday Tune is dedicated to you. This was my fave song by you. 

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He can only hold her

‘cause what’s inside her never dies.

Everyone knew the day would come where we’d hear Amy Winehouse had passed. Anyone and everyone knew the story of her tragic life and hard struggles with drugs, alcohol and eating disorders. So much so that people knew more about THAT than her music. 
But what does that have to do with anything?
Why are people so quick to condemn her? Addiction is a disease. And I'll stop right there. YES Addiction may be a disease, but people that do drugs CHOSE to do them. They were disease free before they CHOSE to do something bad to their body. And for that, we've got to be reminded that we are talking about a woman who made a song about NOT wanting to go to rehab, and I just can't have respect for someone who doesn't have it for herself. She now joins  musicians such as Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Jim Morrison all at the tender age of 27. 


  1. So sad that she passed away, and even more so that anyone ever chooses a path in live that includes drugs.

  2. What makes me sad as someone who wants to represent people in the entertainment industry one day, is that no one helped her. No one stopped her and forced her to take a look at herself and get help. I know getting help is a choice you might have to make on your own, but it's situations like this that prove to me that to be a successful manager, agent or publicist, is that I have to take care of those I represent and to not let them get that far gone. Who was still booking her tours and appearances when she looked like that??? She was obviously sick, the two side by side pictures you posted prove that.
    RIP Amy Winehouse, may something be learned from this tragedy.

  3. a lot of people quickly dismissed this news, and even i thought to myself, it was going to happen sooner or later! but your compassionate post has made me very ashamed to think of that. everyone is a human. we make mistakes, we err, we hurt...and sometimes it ends up badly. you seem to be a very patient, kind and thoughtful person. and it shows through this post!

  4. I was one of them who knew the day of her death was coming (hell, even her mom said back in 2008 that she had already come to terms with her daughters death should the day ever come) and I totally agree about the addiction thing. It's a scary, scary disease. Her death is sad but at the same time, not shocking, as horrible as that is to say. It's a sad thing to see her talent as a singer, get lost to drugs and alcohol and to see her lose that battle. RIP.

  5. It's always sad when someone passes...but I def agree with you with the last part. It was her choice and all I could think about that day was her Rehab song...

  6. So true!!! She chose her life style and this is what happened.. sad but true.

  7. Wow- I can't believe that is the same person. I wasn't a big fan of hers, I never got into her music and didn't know much about her other than like you say - that she was a drug addict and lived on the wild side. It's sad when anyone dies, but as you say - when someone chooses that lifestyle, you come to expect this type of thing. Sad that someone died, and couldn't get her life on track. Dying this young is tragic.


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