18 July 2011

Still Not Home!

This 12 day Vacation has begun to feel like a lifetime away from home! I am beginning to get nervous my baby fur child won't remember me!

We leave tomorrow for AZ. To be honest, I cannot wait for a few simple reasons:

#1 ASPEN!!!!!!!!!

#2 To be able to CONTROL my eating! GAH. This is by far the worst thing when you are away from home. All people want to do is EAT OUT! Hanging out always turns into eat eat eat. And I do not like it!

#3 I want to be able to use my OWN bathroom! When you are constantly stuck in a car and on the go, it makes for a very unhappy C Mae who needs to use the Powder room ASAP! haha. I don't know about y'all, but this gal has some serious issues as it is with going to the bathroom, so being away from home only makes it worse!

I am on mister wonderfuls' mom's laptop. ( I know, I totally caved from my hiatus this whole trip of saying I wouldn't get on a computer) It's a PC ( EWWW) haha so it takes me ten times longer to click and drag and not to mention for simple pages to load! Shoot me now!

How Many of y'all watched the Womens World Cup? I cheered my heart out for USA, but Japan won fair and square. A much deserved win in my opinion. I couldn't help but notice how "clean" womans soccer is played. Nothing like watching the men play that's for sure. Both the US and Japan were so well mannered to eachother I was kind of in shock! ha.

I posted this on Facebook right as the game had started

'Sometimes to be the best you have to stand Solo.' Go USA!

In case you don't follow soccer, HOPE SOLO is the Goalie for the US team.

Okay moving on....

I finished a book while on my 12 day vacay. ONE DAY.

I started off reading it pretty excited, I mean the movie trailer makes it look so good right? Anne Hathaway is gonna be the lead star!

Eh...........I was REALLY bored with the whole book until midway to the end of the book! Usually when a book bores me, I stop reading. The only reason I kept reading was because I had NOTHING else to occupy my time! No blogs to read or what not!

I still plan to see the movie, as I mentioned I think the trailer makes it look so much more interesting! :)

Okay on a another note...

See how my mind is just whirling? this is all the vacations fault LOL to much to want to blog about and ask to my fellow readers! I DO miss you all! I feel kinda well lonely without communicating with you lovely people!

How many of you know of, have one, or have gotten into the whole Pandora Charms/Bracelets?

I seem to find them popping up on y'all lovelies wrists in photos and had me going...what is this new craze?

Look forward to reading your feedback I need SOMETHING (like your awesome comments) to get me through this last day of vacation!

Much love!! Miss u all!



  1. I know a bunch of people with the pandora bracelet/charms. I know they get to be very pricey but they are pretty!

    I'm sure Aspen will remember you! You're her MOMMY! I'm sure she will be so happy to see you!!! :)

  2. i like pandora but i really like brighton....:) look them up..

  3. i cant pull of a pandora bracelet;
    like its cute and all;
    but its toooo clunky for me;
    and i dont like using other bathrooms either;
    and of course aspen will remember you;
    you're her mommmmy =]

  4. I am the same way on vacations. I feel like my mind is on crack. I'm just not a pandora person, though.

  5. Oh you really must miss your fur baby. That's a long time to be away! Hope you get alot of comments with this post to get you thru!

  6. Awww, girl it sounds like you are SO ready to be home! I know at the end of vacations it can definitely get like that and you just need to be back in your element. Oh, and I don't have my own Pandora bracelet but I've been seeing them around more and more as well!

    Enjoy the last part of your trip and travel safely home! Can't wait to read all about it :)

  7. When we were on our honeymoon, I seriously thought Rocky wouldn't remember me when I got back and I was so sad our last day worrying about him haha Just think..it means we are good mommy's!

    so sad we couldn't somehow be in the same area!!!

  8. I just picked up this book and I was weary....I shall let you know what I think!

  9. I have this book, but I haven't started reading it. I'm glad you liked it!

  10. AH, Loving your blog! :)

    Now following...and have a great time on your vacay! Can't wait to see pics!


  11. i loved watching the final game, i'm so sad they lost, but you're right- Japan won fair & square.

    I just finished that book last week and i think i hated it. it was so boring at the beginning, picked up in the middle, and i hate the ending.

  12. There is nothing more dreadful than having to use someone else's bathroom for an extended period of time. Being at home is the BEST!

  13. Ugg... I hated that book too! so boring... I dont know how they will make it a good movie but i'm sure i'll watch it once they do!

  14. I'm with you on the bathroom thing, I hate not having my own bathroom and privacy!!

  15. I love my pandora ! =]
    ps i feel kinda like you put the opposite, I was born in AZ and now live in the south
    excited to follow you<3

  16. I know Aspen can't wait to see you! I'd miss my little Daisy too!

    I have a Pandora bracelet and love it! It's always fun to get new charms that have special meanings :)

  17. I have a Pandora and I LOVE it! All my charms and the bracelet have meanings behind them.

    That book...yeah not so much. I tried but I gave up on it. Go you for pushing through it!

  18. I have a Pandora and I love it and all my charms and the bracelet it self have meaning.

    That book yeah not so much I couldn't get into it. Go you for pushing through it.

  19. I have a Trollbead (competitor to Pandora) and I love mine!

  20. Love how you miss your furbaby. Just wait til you have REAL kids ha! (doesn't that comment just annoy the heck out of you?)

    I'm with you on the eating out. Vacation=eating out all. the. time. But I reckon you didn't gain an ounce on your entire trip. Am I right or am I right?

    PC=ewww ha! SO true.

    Did you know that Hope Solo grew up in my town? Graduated from the highschool here. I've talked to her a few times (back when she was in highschool) and would go see her soccer games. LOVE watching her now in the big time!!

    Hope you make it home ASAP!!

  21. i really want to see this movie! i'm a little bummed the book was really slow...ugh. but anne hathaway is so beautiful and flawless i hope she does an amazing job in the role!

  22. just came across your blog-it's adorable! i think your about me said you live in arizona--i used to live in sierra vista, also dirty dancing is my favorite movie, how can it not be with patrick swayze?! :)

  23. Totally in agreeance about the book - we talked about that. I JUST started collecting Pandora charms and I love them! I am doing one that is Pink (of course) and silver...I realllly love the gold ones but they are 'SPENSIVE!! WHOA! Glad you're home!!!

  24. I have a Pandora bracelet! Just got it last month for my birthday, so I only have two charms -- a dog and a cupcake. I love it. I like how it looks more sophisticated in my opinion rather than the dangly ones like I had in high school <3


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