26 March 2012

the time i blogged about my love for a shaving razor

Okay so a while back the lovely Erin over at Living in Yellow blogged how Schick contacted her about their new razor that was going to make a debut in a few months, and the first few ppl to ask for a new razor would get one in the mail.  You can read about  it here in Erin's page.

I got one in the mail and OH EM GEE girls I'm in LOVE. I've been using it since I got it..which for razor life has been over a good month. 

I officially went to Target today and bought my first refill razor heads. GOOD BYE GILETTE Venus whatever the heck I was using. 

The razors don't even compare. AT ALL. The Schick razor lasts ridiculously long, The “head” of the razor dispenses it’s own moisturizing serum that hydrates as you shave.That has to be my favorite part of the razor. Not to mention more blades than the Gilette one and a better shape of a head which makes the hard to shave areas way easier. 

I kid you not, RUN don't walk and get this razor. You can thank me later when you get it and use it!!! Take it from the girl that shaves EVERYDAY that this razor is worth every penny! And razors are ridiculously expensive I know! 

I have 4 Venus Embrace Cartridges brand new if anyone wants to buy them off of me! 

On a side note...

I know girls rave about "hot tools" curling iron, but I have to rave I really like Con Air curling irons. My remington iron was on the fritz and I didn't hesitate to replace it with the iron I use pretty much every time I curl my hair! 

These are only a few of the irons I use. I have just about every iron there is when it comes to curling and crimping my hair. I still have my crimper from MIDDLE SCHOOL! It's by Vidal Sasson! 
Remington irons in my opinion, don't grasp or hold the hair well at least for my hair type. It would slide right through and I wasn't digging that. 

Schick did not contact me to talk about this razor. I took it upon my self to let you all know of this fabulous razor! :) 



  1. interesting! i may need to try this razor. ive them all and dont even know what im using right now. i'll pen a new package and there will be rust on it after a couple days...what the heck!

  2. I signed up for the free razor from Erin's blog too and I LOOOOVE IT!

  3. My sister texted me about that razor last week so I went out and got it. And you are right it is the most amazing razor ever!

  4. I am going to get that razor tonight. Or tomorrow. Or ASAP. I use the same ones you used to use and I've actually been OVER THEM for the past month. I would go off on TMI, but I'll spare you. Long story short is they disappoint me and I want new ones! thanks for blogging this!

  5. We recently tried Schick razors at my house.. my mom's a big couponer now lol So we try out all different brands. Holy smokes. They are the BEST razors ever.. we are now Schick razor snobs! :)

  6. I try even beauty trend new to mankind and I've had this little beauty for about a month now. I too am in love and I thought the Gilette Venus was the end all be all!! I did notice too that they razor lasts much longer they my Venus ever did and there was a $4 coupon in the paper, SCORE!

    Have a great week!

  7. con air 60 second heat up has been my tested and true friend since the 8th grade. i will never cheat :)

  8. I used to use the same razor that you used, and I have to agree, it SUCKS! I just bought that new Shick razor a couple of days ago and I love it! It leaves my skin SO smooth, and I feel like the hairs don't grow out as fast as the other one.

  9. I received one of these razors in the mail too and it was love at first shave! I was also using the Gillette venus before and omg this goes far above and beyond what it was doing. Keep your eye out - there have been a ton of $4 off refill coupons in the papers lately.


  10. I need to try that razor because my old one is the same one you have pictured!!!!

  11. Thanks for the review :) I have the same old razor that you did (for 4 years!) and I'm so annoyed with how quickly it dulls. I have a $5 CVS coupon that I'm going to put toward this new razor!


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