23 March 2012

The Descendants

Oh boy. I have so much to say about this movie.

I will be honest and say, I usually do NOT pick movies that deal with cancer/hospitals/dying as something I "want" to watch in a movie.

George Clooney stars as Matt King, an attorney from Hawaii who, despite the appearance of a man who seemingly lives carefree in paradise, isn’t immune to the messiness of life. He is in the process of selling 26,000 acres of pristine, untouched Hawaiian land which the family has owned for over a hundred years. All of Matt’s cousins are involved in negotiations with various buyers but Matt is the official trustee. Only his signature has the power to solidify any deal.
However, just before a deal is finalized, Matt’s wife, Elizabeth, suffers a traumatic brain injury in a boating accident and she becomes comatose. For the first time, Matt is forced to become the primary parental figure for his children, something he is certainly not used to or prepared for. Matt shares with his oldest daughter Alex that the doctors have told him Elizabeth is not going to wake up and that her death is very near. Upon hearing the news, Alex is devastated and confides to Matt that Elizabeth was cheating on him. Matt suddenly understands Alex and Elizabeth’s troubled relationship.

I bawled my eyes out towards the end. There was a scene where the Mother Elizabeth(the wife/mother in the coma) is just lying there,  in the hospital, and her father (the mean hard ass grandfather) comes in to say "good bye" and is stroking her hair and kisses her head and I seriously buried my face into Mister Wonderful and let him have it with my tears.

 It was all to real. Everything that scene depicted was so raw and real with emotion. It was like a scene from my own life in 1995 when my brother and I had to say good bye to my mother who died in our home, from slipping into a coma from the aggressiveness of the cancer that had overtaken her body. 
Goodbye, my love, my friend, my pain, my joy. Goodbye.

-Matt King (George Clooney), The Descendants 

And watching George Clooney cry during the whole scene where he finally says good bye to his wife was like a punch in the stomach. 

This movie deserved every win it got at the Academy Awards. It’s the perfect story of how humans behave and how we’re so confusing but make so much sense at the same time.

They NEED to make more movies like this--movies that make the audiences FEEL real emotion!!

Mister Wonderful and I were both just kinda dumbfounded at how selfish people are/can be when it comes to "cheating" and destroying a family. It happens every day. Every freaking day people cheat in marriages. Lord knows I see it in my students. Hear their stories see their tears, their questions Why me, why did my mommy and daddy fall apart? It's awful. Not the fun part of being a teacher I signed up for. No sir-ri bob! 

Anyone else see this movie?



  1. I saw the movie the weekend it came out with my boyfriend and we both really liked it as well. It was SO well done, and full of just real emotion. I was glad to see it get awards, cuz I thought it was an excellent movie. I cried during it, too.

  2. my husband and i are planning to rent it this weekend!

  3. Now I want to see this movie! I knew it win lots of awards, but never even knew what it was about!

  4. I enjoyed this movie a lot. I only wish they gave a little more in the movie about the youngest daughter like in the book. I loved seeing Clooney in this type of role. One thing that made me laugh out loud was when Clooney ran in the film...least sexy thing about him but I would still run with him any day!

  5. My hubby and I saw this in the theaters shortly after it came out, and we both loved it. Like you said, very real...you really saw the raw emotion. Don't worry, I was crying too, especially when Clooney said goodbye to his wife.


  6. I did not see the movie, but now I definitely want to. I was worried how Shailene Woodley would portray such a serious character after being Amy Jergens so long on Secret Life of the American Teenager.

  7. I saw this movie when it first came out and I LOVED IT. Just like you said, it's just so real. This movie is the human experience.

  8. You've convinced me! Now I have to see this! After the Hunger Games that is. I'm so glad it was so real, those are my fav. movies and they def. don't make enough like that.

  9. This movie was my pick for Best Picture of the Year. Movies that tell a real story are my favorite. I agree with you, there need to be more movies out there like this one. I would say the majority of movies that are made today lack story and 95% of the tent pole movies are beyond awful!

  10. ugh, i wanted to see this movie before but now i REALLY want to see it. what a great review ;)
    xo TJ

  11. I have been wanting to see this since I saw the previews, but I was hearing mixed reviews about it. This makes me feel like my gut instinct was right and I should see it ASAP!

  12. I really loved this movie. Such a great one even though it was very sad!

  13. I JUST watched this last night! It was a lot different than I thought it would be, but I'm glad I saw it!

  14. I'm with you in that I rarely see movies that focus heavily on hospitals, death, dying, etc... It just reminds me of my father too much. But, I did want to see this one. I like the heads up about the sad. I'll watch it when I'm in the right frame of mind to watch something with some heavy emotion. :)

  15. I also really, really loved this movie. I also seriously cried my eyes out during multiple scenes. Its such a great movie!

    Your right, it really just captured every human emotion in such a striking way. =)

    Loved it


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