19 March 2012

Blog Sale

I've seen many other bloggers sell things via blogging so I thought I would give it a try! 
With a wedding upcoming so quickly and still expenses to be paid I am parting with things of value that I know are worth something but I no longer use. 

 Both of these swimsuits are from last year, and I only wore once. Lame I know. They have been thrown in my dresser drawer ever since. Both suits have a Size "S" top and Size "M" for bottoms
What can I say, God gave me a ba-dunkah dunk for a rear haha

 BR skirt I wore ONCE to my brothers graduation. It's been taking up space in my closet ever since.

This watch is Fossil Mother of Pearl. I have many watches, and figured I could part with this one since I haven't worn it in the last 6-8 months. 

No prices are set or listed, I'd rather y'all make me an offer if interested! ! Just email or write on my wall to let me know! 



  1. Love the VS swimsuits, but my sizing is vice versa:) Good luck with your sale!


  2. cute! wish I could fit into a 4 or S tops...

  3. How much would you take for the fossil watch?

  4. What is your complete lowest for the second pair of swimsuit??!! MEssage me at mickiethegreatking@Hotmail.com


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