13 March 2012

Sayounara Progressive!

I've been with Progressive Auto Insurance for EIGHT years. That's like a record (so they would tell me) for someone as young as me to stay with one auto insurance and not bounce around. 

I always thought they had given me a great deal.

UNTIL I got this email on Saturday with my "renewal" of policy.

Say What? Since when does my bill increase over 10% from my last payment? You are talking to the girl that has been accident free ticket free for ever (never had a ticket knock on wood) 

So why would they jack up the price?

They told me all of the Premiums in the state of AZ were going up...it was a "state" thing. Yeah EFFF that my ass. I'm not paying over 60 dollars increase!

This is where Mister Wonderful jumps in :) 

See-- insert MW :) 

He's been with Geico.

He entered in all my info and wouldn't ya know---Geico had a way way way way cheaper policy plan for me 

$161 dollars savings to be exact.

Good bye Progressive. Hello Geico. 

C Mae = Happy Camper. 

Over all, I know I CANT be the only one noticing how expensive everything is right now? Gas being at 4.00 a gallon, groceries, and trying to buy clothes under 100 bucks is like impossible. 

Why are the rich getting richer? 

Companies I really like such as David Yurman and Chanel and Burberry are all upping their prices on already what is considered very expensive merchandise. How do they get off doing that. Makes me bonkers. People like me who are considered lower middle class ( Oh thank you lovely teaching salary that hasn't increased the entire time I've been teaching) makes it really hard save any money when normal things keep going up around us. 

We are getting rid of our cable (Again) to save money. (Cable is outrageous for those of you that pay the bill and see it know how it's never "the same" each month. 

This DY bracelet has been on my wish list for way over a year now. 

It was like 400 some a year ago. Guess how much it is now?
$650 bucks. WTF. How do they get to increase it in price that much?????

Anyone else had/seen major increases with bills and everyday living?



  1. Your insurance is way cheaper than mine and mine is the cheapest in NY! I pay $630 for 6 months!!! Crazy how different it is. NY is one of the most expensive places to live and our jobs and salaries are cut left and right. Seriously considering a move!!

  2. I actually just changed insurance companies too, after being with the same one since I was 16! I've noticied that my water bill & cable/internet bill has been insanely expensive lately! Not to mention gas...don't even get me started. Glad you were able to find a cheaper deal.

  3. Freakin a yesssss!!! i am going broke JUST filling up my car to get to just work to make money to just fill up the car to get there. its around $4.30 here :( and still going up!
    xoxo Inna :)
    Inna's Daily Fix

  4. i had this same problem. but i was too lazy to shop around. but i only paid for 6 mo.

    but you bet your bottom dollar i am getting a new provider next time!

  5. Being an insurance agent, I can tell you that it is a state wide thing. Insurance goes hand in hand with inflation... if gas, groceries, etc are all going up, your insurance will as well. Every insurance company has what they call rate changes and sometimes it is even based on weather related incidents. It's good that you don't have tickets or accidents, but that doesn't mean that you will never see a price increase. It can also go up because of your credit. Or it can decrease, if your credit gets better..just depends. It rarely never stays the same. Especially with homeowners insurance..homeowners typically see a 10-20% increase yearly (even me!) it sucks but it's just how it is.

    Also, it is really good to shop around to find different rates, but I would warn you to be very careful with Geico. They have been sued far too many times and have many company policy issues. Our agency would never recommend them. Hopefully you are happy with them though and they give you same coverage you had with PRO! Sorry for the long comment haha

  6. how frustrating esp since you have a great driving record! Doesn't all state give you a discount for a good drivers history?

  7. are you serious? that is LAME! we are with progressive too! only for about 2 years though

  8. Insurance and all of that grown-up stuff is so frustrating! Can't we just be little kids with no responsibility again?

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway on my little blog! I would love for you to check it out!


  9. i'm in NJ and we have one of the highest rates in the country, so i'd kill to have those progressive prices! our gas prices aren't as high, but they're definitely up there.

    but glad you decided to look elsewhere for savings and found it!

  10. Your (higher) insurance is half as much as mine! with no accidents!

    One really sucky thing is that when the government calculates inflation they do not include the price of gas and food (which is a huge chunk of what we all spend money on)

  11. Your insurance is low! NJ is ridic with insurance prices. Mine is double almost triple that and I have a clean record.

  12. I would also be frustrated with that increase but actually I'm a little jealous of your insurance rate... I pay over $500 for 6 months.
    And I'm on the same boat as you in terms of never having had a raise and I've been at my job for almost 5 years. I don't even bother with brands like Burberry or DY

  13. ew.. =[
    that is suckyyy
    and i have no idea whyy the rich just keep charging for more..the richer are getting richer.

  14. I agree with you...prices keep going up, but our salaries stay the same. I also remember that DY bracelet being $400...I have no idea what's going on with these prices!?

    Lovely Nina
    Lovely Little Things

  15. Hello Sweetie,

    Just wanted to thank you for having such an inspirational blog. Hope you have an amazing week full of lots of beautiful things.
    Feel free to drop past my blog if you have time =)

    -Mia xoxo

  16. I agree! My Comcast bill came last week and it magically jumped $50! Homegirl doesn't have extra money to be blowing!
    I have progressive right now, I should check out Geico and see if they'll have something better to offer me...

  17. okay so my comment is non insurance related... but holy moly.. i have TOTALLY noticed that chanel & DY prices have gone up in the past year. i know the chanel upped their prices 30% from 2010 to 2011 (tear)... making their classis bags now even more ridiculously expensive. i am dying for the large sized classic bag, but i can't justify to myself or my hubby to spend over $5k on a bag.

    great post - thanks for sharing!! glad to know im not the only one frustrated by accessory price increases!

  18. i am also an insurance agent and agree with everything katie had to say (nice work, katie!). watch out for those big name direct sell companies.

    it's always in your best interest, as a consumer, to shop around. also, find an agent that's going to stand by you if you do ever have a claim.

    when you guys do get married and combine your policies, you'll probably be eligible to multi car discounts, some companies have a personal status (married) discount, etc. (again, it's going to depend on the state/company)

  19. Man, we insurance agents are all over the place - I've never met (found?) another agent blogger until seeing your comments! But everything they've said is very true. Next time your renewal rolls around, find an independent agencies in your area and give them a call. Our agency represents about 12 different carriers and we can shop you with as many as it takes to find you the best rate. Progressive & Geico are most definitely not the best thing out there when it comes to someone with good credit and a good driving history. Just like Katie said, everything differs from state to state (and I'm still laughing at those rates that you & your commenters are paying - ours here are a lot more than that!!!!) Try www.trustedchoice.com to find an independent agent in your area. & good luck!!

  20. I'm a teacher and was the same way a couple years ago until I decided to teach internationally. I don't know if it's an option for you, but I love it and I save money. I have amazing experiences and my students are incredible! I went through ISS (International School Sevices), I don't know what your honey does but they do have business positions as well. Just a thought!

  21. We did the same thing with our insurance and for us- Progressive was cheaper! We saved $1000/year!

  22. we've been talking about getting rid of our cable, too! i'm not sure yet if we're going to, but i can at least see doing it for the warm months since we never watch tv in the summer. and cable bills! my gosh! they are so outrageous.

  23. i have noticed the same thing with DY...i got that bracelet about three years ago for around $400...my cousin went to pick one up recently and they said the reason for the inflated price is because the cost of gold and precious metals has gone up so much. boo!

  24. When I first started teaching in NC, they told us we were on a step program, and each year, our pay would increase. The first year I got my raise (around $70 a month after taxes) and then the economy tanked, and I've been frozen on 2nd year teacher pay ever since. I wonder if I quit and come back, if they'll pay me on the step I'm supposed to be on or not. lol

    And the new awesome trick NC has for stealing our money... We were allowed to be paid ever month, now they've stopped that, and will be paying us only the 10 months that we work, which will push us into a higher tax bracket, since we'll be getting an even bigger monthly check, and that means they'll take out even more taxes. Saaaaaweeeet!


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