21 March 2012

J Simpson Love/Sweet Home Alabama the final 2 guys!

Jessica Simpson has taken a lot of heat recently for gaining so much weight, and then of course her being pregnant and gaining more, has only added more fuel to the fire. 

I really don't care what people say, she's GORGEOUS!!!! 

I mean really!?!? Look at her all glowing on the cover of Elle!

I read in the magazine that she is NOT naming her daughter a crazy name. She said people will be surprised that it's such a normal name, yet when they hear it, "they'll know why" she named her daughter what she did.


Wonder what this "normal" name will be~?!

I have to admit 2 things will freak me out about pregnancy should that day ever come.

1. Weight gain I can't control so to speak. 

2. All the throwing up. I Hate getting sick. More than anything. Throwing up seriously freaks me out. 
The pain, the smell, the taste. I'd rather have diarrhea for days then throw up.

Hey at least we know I could never be bulimic right!? haha

Okay moving on, I haven't updated y'all on Sweet Home Alabama

We are down to the final 2 guys y'all!!

and Hubba Hubba Bubba my favorite is one of the last 2 standing!!

But in true TV fashion, I think it's safe to say they NEVER pick the one all the viewers silently cheer for, so she'll probably end up with Jeremiah


A few hints as to why I think she'll pick him...

He's the ONLY guy thus far she has said she "thinks" is falling in love with

He didn't say anything when she told him that. Nice response right? 

The only good news is that Paige has tweeted and said to the public that the person she "chose" in the end they are STILL TOGETHER and recently celebrated their 3 month anniversary since the show rapped. 


At least we are 1 for 3 out of the show's couples thus far!

And did I mention how EXCITED I am that this will air soon!!!?

I love Devin Grissom and Cassie and Courtney from Sweet Home Alabama!



  1. I really think Jessica looks so beautiful on this cover. I have always liked her.


  2. I've read that Jessica Simpson is naming her little girl Maxwell, and calling her Maxi for short. Its not too unusual, but I don't "get it" like she said...

  3. I totally agree with you that they should leave Jessica alone. She looks great! Although I'm sure she's airbrushed to perfection in that photo. And don't worry about the throwing up part of pregnancy....I only did once!

  4. Jessica is gorgeous - she always has been!! People are so brutal with her for some reason:( Can't wait to see what she picks for a name!

  5. Hey no worries. I only gained 15 pounds with both of my kids and I was never sick, not even once. Just really tired! You may get lucky like me!

  6. I could not agree more!
    I think she looks so good,
    and about the throwing up... omg. I don't know how people survive!

  7. I think JS looks great too and I love those preggo shots of her. And I am TOTALLY worried about the same things as you but maybe we are pregnant we won't care so much..?

  8. I think JS looks great too! And I wouldn't worry too much about either pregnancy fear. I'm 8 months in and never threw up or got sick once. A lot of people never have any kind of morning sickness. And the weight gain can be scary, but you do have control over it and it's for such an amazing cause, it really won't bother you. It's really unbelievable to watch your body change and grow for the baby. I weigh more than I ever have in my entire life, but I love it and I feel beautiful. I'm sure you will too. :)

  9. I love love love JS. Always have. Always will! I think she is gorgeous!

  10. Hiya, I'm Holly and I'm a newer follower. I found your blog on a friend of a friends blog not too long ago and just had to follow. I studied Education in college before switching to business and your creativity is amazing! You make a simple girl like me feel like I can make cute things to (ala the glitter key).

    Moving on, I love JS since her first CD and Newlyweds. Hello, beautiful wedding and even cuter couple! What ashame they couldn't make it :(. I'm glad they've both found their happiness and she looks amazing, how have I never seen these before. I mean the poor girl is pregnant, you'll gain weight and lordy be JS gain weight. LOL I digree, I'm completely afraid of the pain of labor and all the unknown, thankfully I've got some time.

    Have a great night!


  11. I think she is gorgeous! Have you seen her on Ellen show? She was full of life and blooming like a flower - I wish all pregnant ladies look like that!

  12. I think she is gorgeous, too!!! :)

    I am the same way about getting preggo - it's so scary... but I just choose to think that I will have an easy pregnancy (I won't get sick!) If I do, I will deal with it then! :)

  13. her preggy photos are so sweet! but i dooo think they did a very botched job on the photoshopping of her belly button!! it looks crooked... and there's no waaay it such an inny like that, i wouldn't think, with her that big!

    oh and don't worry, i only threw up once :) which was plenty! i don't know how some women survive. and the weight gain, i hate to admit, has always been one of my biggest fears. hoping for the best, what can ya do!

  14. Those are my two fears, too! That and that my boobs will sag. :-( But 1. My face doesn't handle weight gain very well - my cheeks get chubby and it is NOT cute and 2. I hate throwing up so much I can remember every single time I've ever thrown up. Can. Not. Handle. It. Uggggggh.


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