19 January 2012

Movie Review

I watched this Saturday night and give it a thumbs down. What is it with chick flicks lately? They are all SO stupid! I feel like I have not seen a good chick flick since "He's just not that into you". 

Okay I take that back. I really liked Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached. I think those were the last 2 movies I really liked in the theater! 

I haven't really liked any movies with Anna Faris. To me she's like a Will Ferrel. Blech. I just don't get that stupid funny humor. I find it more dumb and annoying than entertaining I suppose.

Also watched MONEYBALL.


Brad Pitt you have fallen off my favorite actor list when you make movies like these.


Not your fun entertaining sports movie by any means.

Skip this one as well. You'll thank me.

I'm NOT thanking the Golden Globes for making this sound like it was a good movie. 




  1. I 100% agree with you, not a big fan of the movie or Anna Faris!

  2. I thought this movie looked so dumb when I saw the preview!! I hear ya...chick flicks are going down hill...big time! Only Ana Faris movie I like it Just Friends and I think I like it because of Ryan Reynolds:)

  3. I was wondering how this movie was, sorry to hear that it's a stinker.

    I just watched Friends with Benefits and I thought it was pretty good! I agree though, so many chick flicks have gotten super dumb lately.

  4. I am TOTALLY with you on that one...being dumb in a movie is not funny to me. I feel the same way about Chris Farley, and most of the time Adam Sandler.

  5. I agree! I HATED that movie! And I don't like her either. There's something about her that just annoys me!

  6. Did you see Something Borrowed? It was cute, probably one of the best chick flicks I've seen recently.

  7. I was going to watch this movie this weekend (thought it looked funny?) but thanks for the heads up... might have to change my decision...

  8. I agree, when I first saw the trailer, I was not impressed at all. I have never been a big fan on Anna Faris. Chick flicks are no longer any good, although, I'm anticipating "The Vow" with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum!

  9. I totally forgot about this movie...I tend to like dumb movies haha

  10. I was wanting to rent this! I'm glad you did this review!!!


  11. i saw this in a cheapie theater and was also disappointed. i only like chris evans in the movie- go figure.

  12. Gosh I wanted to like this movie so bad and I just didn't! It had potential, but I just felt it was so forced. I don't know. I love Anna Faris but it just wasn't House Bunny.

  13. i don't like Anna Faris either... but don't get the comparison to Will Ferrell I just LOVE him


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