17 June 2013

Look at this photograph..

So yesterday in lieu of it being Fathers Day and all, it was also my brother's 26th birthday. I always try to dig up an old photo each year and post it on his FB wall for the world (not really the world, but his friends) to see! He was such a cute kid when he was little!
This is what I posted on his wall this year 

B day 2012

This was last year (thank you Facebook timeline for allowing me to quickly recall back to over a year ago's post!)I honestly like the timeline, I remember when everyone was freaking out over it, but if you don't have anything to hide, then what's the big deal about being able to scroll back to old posts? Just sayin....

So the top picture is of me reading to him when he was just born. This is the photo I posted on my wall yesterday wishing him a happy bday.


While going through photos, I discovered that this exact photo was hanging on our childhood fridge in another picture I had also pulled out to post on his wall. I mean what are the odds of that!?!

Ryan pic Obviously these pictures hold deep sentimental value to me since my mom's passing in 1995 of cancer. My brother got less time with her than I did. He was only 9 when she died. 

 Anyway, back to the story. The point is, I LOVE old photos. If my house were to burn down tomorrow, I'd probably do everything I could to take those and my dog out of my house. They are items that cannot be replicated since these photos were before the digtal years and all the computer technology we have now to scan and back things up. These photos served as a visual or record in time if you will as to what was life like when we were that small. 

I must of studied the fridge in the background of the fridge for a good five minutes. All my memories came flooding back. In the picture there is a school hot lunch menu from elementary school, I can see a another photo posted on the fridge of my late grandma who passed away when I was 2 years old. I see all the magnets that my parents collected from their travels when they were younger. My mom always liked to pick one up from where ever they had been to.  I noticed the avon magnet which made me giggle remembering how much my mom loved their products back then! Right behind her left shoulder I can see that there was some homework of some sorts, probably a good grade on a paper from either my brother or myself, but judging from the handwriting and BLUE ink (I'm pretty notorious for only signing and writing anything in blue ink never black) it's probably a paper I did well on and my mom posted it as a way to show she was proud of me. I see that the wall in the background was sponge painted...Yes that was the rage back then after wallpaper was on the fritz.

It's so important to take photos. One day you may not be able to "remember" as much as you want to, and pictures serve as a great reminder to help us not forget our lost loved ones. 


  1. I do the SAME thing for my sister's birthday! Her birthday was a couple weeks ago and I posted old pics I had of us too!!! :)

  2. These pictures are just too cute! I wish my mom would upload all our cute baby photos to Facebook!

  3. Cute photos. :-) We had a sponge painted kitchen/dining room, too.

  4. Pictures are so important! That's great that you have so many from growing up. I would probably grab the same thing.


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