13 April 2011

Wednesday Stuff & What nots

I fear I shall not make it to Friday! My bank account so desperately needs it to be Friday!!! Ahhhh!!!!

This Wednesday I am happy to share I finally got a logo made for my photos, should I actually decide to get my rear in gear and start taking pictures again. With the help of a college friend thru Facebook chat and actually verbally talking on the phone, she was able to help me figure out how to attach my new logo to all my pictures without the stupid white box behind my signature! :) Some of you may not have any idea what I'm referring to, and that's O-K !

Recognize the little heart doodle? I had to incorporate that from my blog signature! A lot of Photographers/Businesses just use their first and last names. I don't blame them. Trying to come up with a "Unique" name that isn't already taken for your own business SUCKS! SUPER HARD!

Learning Photoshop has been EXTREMELY difficult. You must remember, I studied FILM Photography. The digital editing is ALL NEW for me, and thus, I'm a beginner all over again! 
I am eternally grateful for YOUTUBE and the people that take the time to actually post step by step visual instructions on how to figure this Shiznit out! :) 

I am loving.....

32 Days till School is out! 

I hate writing that because so often there are many bloggers still in school doing count downs till they themselves are actually done with their semester. I'm referring to TEACHING. My schooling has long been over since 2004! I've been busy educating the Youth of America ever since, and thus am looking forward to some R & R from a crazy year! 

I am really loving my Oil of Olay ProX! Seriously girls, best twenty some bucks ever spent on your face. I have been using it both in the shower and at night before bed. I am amazed and grossed out at the brown muck that comes off my face from it! 

I really want this runner rug.....I love both the yellow and the gray.... The gray would be for the hallway and yellow somewhere in our bedroom/bathroom..

You can find the rugs via Garnet Hill, a magazine I get in the mail. 

Over At Katie Michelle's blog, she posted a dress she recently bought via Jessica Simpson's line of clothes.  My jaw dropped. You go girl. Jess got taste.  Literally the cutest dresses EVER. I was super sad bec the 3 that I really liked were all completely sold out! Boo....

Here are the ones I would have so totally ordered had they been in my size!

Lastly, I am loving all the Tail Wagging Tuesday Participants! Thank You so much for linking up! 


  1. I'm in love with that first dress. ADORABLE!
    Pretty pictures too!

  2. These dresses are so pretty!! I think I might have to head of to J.Simps and pick out some for the summer also :)

  3. Those dresses are super cute!

    I love the logo you chose for your pictures, it's perfect. :)

  4. Those dresses are super cute! I am going to have to check that out!!

    P.S. I did not know your first name is Cassandra!! How crazyy!! I NEVER meet anyone with my name! :) love it!

  5. The last dress is AMAZING! Looks like someone has some online shopping to do........

  6. Pretty pictures! And those dresses are amaaazing! I especially love the first one.

  7. So you went with the Olay? And it's only 20? Ok that's on my grocery list. And you are so beautiful in those pictures! GORGEOUS hair!!

  8. I got Photoshop for Christmas and it has taken me forever to learn ANYTHING. It never even dawned on me to youtube it:) Thanks for the idea

    And you photos are amazing!! Go for it girl

  9. congrats on new photo skills! that's awesome! i just got the new photoshop program and i'm too nervous to even open it. LOL

    i didn't even think to look at youtube for tutorials, you're a genius!

    i've had my eye on that oil of olay cleaner forever! i def want to get it now. would you suggest usiing it right or away or should i wait until after the wedding? I've heard that it causes you to first break out because of the cleaning, but that you go back to having clear skin.

  10. LOVE your signature! it turned out SOOOO awesome.

    And I am LOVING that last dress. I am obsessed with one-shoulder dresses. And Jess Simp did a GREAT job! I'm impressed.

  11. love all those dresses!!

    Im having a giveaway to help you editing photos on my blog:)

    yvonne from www.simplyvonne.blogspot.com

  12. Awww I feel so bad that I posted about the dress too late, and now they're like totes sold out. BOO. Did you see my reply to your comment though? I found a CUTE J simps dress in your size!!! :) Not the same that I got, but just as adorbs, promise.

    Thanks for the love, girly!

    Also, I'm adoring your pretty signature. Love the little dandelions! They add a sweet, feminine touch.

  13. LOVE the logo and LOVE that last dress. To die for!!!

  14. I think your shots are turning out great. They are really pretty. I need to get me photoshop ASAP and a new lens!

  15. What cleaner are you using with the Olay Pro-X?

    I'm so excited you said you like it I'm going to give it a try now!!

  16. i've been wanting to try that new face cleaner thingie! glad to know it works!!!

  17. I'm counting down the days until summer break too! It can't come fast enough!

  18. http://www.jessicasimpsoncollection.com/DRESSES/Short-Dresses/BATIK-HALTER-DRESS.html

    My dress is back, in your size!! Just a different color.. the yellow and brown one! :)

  19. Oh, girl! The Olay face buzzer is super fab. I love it, too!

  20. Wow - those dresses ARE adorable! Who knew?!

  21. You are GORGEOUS!!
    I have been loving your blog! So glad I found it!
    And that last dress is perfection! I LOVE it! So sad it was sold out in your size :(


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