10 April 2011


It did this ALL DAY on Saturday. Dropped the dang temp to the low 40s!!!!! Thermostat said 63 in our condo! BURRRRRRR!

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Thus Mister Wonderful and I did a lot of this....

(He did this on his own--I don't have a thing for video games unless it's MARIO KART Yoshi is who I always pick to be!)

I blogged with Aspen's help of course, and lord knows the countless other things I waste my time on the internet doing!

Aspen is the best dog when it rains. She doesn't tinker around outside. It's like she knows that I dread wiping her white paws from the nasty water/mud, and how awkward it is for me to hold our huge golfing umbrella over here as she does her #2.  She does her BIZ NASS and gets back inside! love my pup!

Then I made MW and I watch this:

Every American should watch this. MW had never seen it, and I thought it might be something he'd sorta like since he is very into his Political views and what not. He was lost at first, I was to, since I saw the movie back when it first came out! I was like wait, Who is Oskar Schindler? He's a German helping Jews?

It was great. Heart wrenching. Of course MW brought up a very valid point I had not thought about. He said, "it's ridiculous how jews have been persecuted through our history."

Me: "More than African American slaves?"

MW: "Babe, it goes back all the way before Jesus and the Bible."

I think he said something along those lines.  His comment just really made me stop and think.

Okay anyway moving on....

I swung by my Ulta and picked me up a fresh summer color for my nails.

it's called Haute something or other. I'm to lazy to get up and look at it the moment! hehe.

And I picked me up a new one of these! it was on CLEARANCE! What?!? A hot tools iron for only 23 bucks!? Get outta town you say? haha.

It's Pink! 

I own way to many curling irons, wave irons etc etc. I think I own every single one they make--every size etc etc...

I was out to replace my 3/4' barrel by el cheapo Revlon makes. 

I also picked up some new mascara ( I had read a fellow blogger who posted a picture of her lashes with this stuff and I was in awe!)

So I had to run out and get some. don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Lash Gasm by Too Face make up. I don't however, like that it's over 30 bucks to replace! So I have decided that my expensive stuff is for special occasions only! 

This is my new day to day mascara and I have to be quite honest and say that it pretty much trumps the 30 dollar mascara! 

Here's a shot with the new mascara. Nevermind that one of my eyes is way better than the other...I was in a hurry for chuch! LOL same goes for my messy eyeliner on my one eye and not to messy on the other!
See on your left? which is my right eye how awesome my lashes look!? (ha maybe they don't look good to you but I thought for seven dollars I was sold for my new beauty product)

PS. I did by the Oil of Olay ProX.

I have used it in the shower 2 times and LOVE IT! :) worth the twenty bucks ladies. No way would I pay over 200 for the Clarisonic! 



  1. Oh, I'm loving that new polish color!! Perfect for spring and summer! And Schindler's list has always been a must-watch for us here!

  2. Thanks for the update on the ProX.. I might have to go out this week and get it! :)

  3. ha! The mascara looks great! I am obsessed with Christian Dior but it's flippin expensive too, so I also have a drugstore brand I use for the everyday. Rainy days are the best sometimes, and love all your curling irons. I thought I had a lot!

  4. I live for falsies mascara...I can't remember what I did before it came out!

  5. Love the nail polish!

    The falsies mascara does wonders for my lashes!

  6. Well there are a couple of things i want to comment on, First, my fiance has that same headset that your mister has for his videogames, and I hate it because that is the one thing I am really not into but that he loves! Annoying. Anyway, aspen bloging is so cute, i love it!!! And the Jews being persecuted all throughout history is something that I had actually thought about a little bit back when I was reading a great book by Hannah Arendt "the banality of evil" which is amazing by the way if you are looking for a great read. Finally, I love that nail color :)


  7. falsies is THEEE BEST. I love it

    looks like a fun weekend :) mario kart is the best!


  8. can I just say how much I love your dog!!!! so cute!

  9. I really need to try that mascara. Like right now!!

  10. Oooh I wanna try the ProX! I used to use that falsies mascara and LOVED it, but then I just quit using it. Dunno why. I touch my eyes a lot (which I know shouldnt do) and I was making it flake..

    Anyhoo.. love little Aspen helping you blog! So cute! :) Gracie dog definitely understands the urgency in doing her business when it's raining. Our dogs are smart. :)

  11. Oh and good description of Schindler's List... It's eye opening. I actually dated a Jewish guy for three years...and I was SHOCKED at how alive and well prejudice can be. I'd never had to deal with that stuff...ever.. But, I remember one fellow law student yelling obscenities at my then-boyfriend. Horrible things. For no reason. He was just drunk and being mean. And I even had a PARTNER at my old law firm call my boyfriend "Abraham" to his FACE and think it was funny. Anyway, dating him really opened my eyes to the way a group of people has been persecuted and often continues to be in some ways.. It's hard to believe...




  13. Love the combo of video games and wine! ;)

  14. i went and bought a pro x right after you posted about it! i used it last night and this morning and i absolutely love it! who the heck needs the $200 version? :)


  15. love that nail polish color! so fun for summer...and that mascara...I use it too! love!

  16. our boys look the same when they play their video games lol.

  17. I'm jealous of your lashes!! Looks like that mascara really works. :)

  18. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! That mascara looks like it works great!

  19. Ohhh no, lemme guess. He's either playing COD or Halo. My man loves those games too. I. Just. Don't. Get. It. lol but it's important to let boys be boys.... sometimes... hehe

    I LOVE YOUR PUPPYYYY. Srsly. So so cute. <3

    Love that nail colour too. Must find.

  20. I JUST bought that mascara and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  21. I love essie nailpolish! I've got a summer shade on my nails right now, too - peach daquiri!


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