19 April 2011

Tail Wagging Tues Vol 4

It's Tail Wagging Tuesday Folks!!!

Today's Topic:


 aka show me your pet's bling! This means what they wear around their neck! :) 

First of all, you'll notice that Aspen wears a bell with her ID Tag. This is simply because I have a very stubborn dog who doesn't always come when called! She must get it from her mama! Wink wink! So when she doesn't come on command, I can hear her jingle around the house to know where and what she's up to!  

 Aspen wears a harness not a collar. Collars on a dog her size can cause trachea problems and who wants to yank on an 8 lb dog's neck and cause health problems? Not me!

Aspen is indeed microchipped. Best thing ever. 

I know I recently mentioned I had a bad Etsy Transaction, but I also had a great one at the same time!

Aspen, as you can tell, is very FLUFFY! 
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(turn volume to hear fave quote from despicable me!) 


Anyhow, I had been pretty peeved with Petsmart/Petco because  they do not carry a pink harness in the same thinness as Aspen's old red one. The next size up was a small, but like double the girth!! I was no way that would rub her raw! Her current harness was feeling so snug because of all her hair, so I contacted this Etsy Seller who made her one special!!! Aspen and I LOVES it!!!! :) 

I kindly asked the seller to 86 the bows. No need for them with all the hair my dog has! You wouldn't see them anyway! 

The shop is called TICKLE ME PINK. Click here to check it out!

Alright lovelies! Link up! 



  1. Your baby has got some fierce bling! CUTE! x

  2. aww yay! our pups have matching harnesses :)
    welllll, HAD. last week tilly chewed right through hers after being left alone for too long :( looks like I'll be ordering a replacement!

  3. Cuteeee! :) I love Aspen :) Also, I don't know if this is of concern to you so you can ignore this but your phone number is on the collar! I didn't know if you cared or whatever, but just wanted to point it out. Xoxo!

  4. love your baby's tag! too cute! and the zebra harnes is to die for!

  5. This is so cute. I cant wait to do my post about my Doggies Bling. By the way, I mentioned your Tuesday blog in my blog. :)


  6. Love her pink harness! My babies bling bling is boring because it gets covered in mud. Haha.

  7. It says the link up is not open yet (Stupid east coast!) I'm heading to work now; can you link me up?


    Thanks!! xo

  8. Where's the linky?
    I love this link every week :)

  9. Oh my goodness, can't wait to link up after work. (I'm sneaking this blog reading sesh!)


  10. I love her pink harness! Too cute. :D

  11. Eeek my head got ahead of me this week when scheduling posts that I forgot and already posted something..I will have to share Rocky's bling on next weeks link up! You should do a topic that includes the nicknames we have for our pets :) I literally call Rocky a different name everyday I think lol

  12. So cute! Love her bling. Thanks for hosting. This is one of my favorite link ups! :)

  13. Love that you use a harness and it is SO cute. Jax uses one now for his walks...b/c he is a big boy now..lol. For awhile I had to use a choke collar, stubborn boy.

  14. i love her new harness its so cute!!
    gus also wears a harness when he walks. i can't wait to start walking my little chunky monkey, he needs to drop a few!

  15. I love the harness! You have some really cute Etsy finds :)


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