12 October 2012

The Teacher Files

 I went  into school on my fall break (GASP) and spent 3 hours working on my "SUB TUB."

What's a sub tub? 
It's a binder of directions and plans for when I'm not at school. 

Note to others:

It's way more work to be ABSENT than it is to just be present at school.


*binder is from Target (new)

 All the sub tub sheets I purchased off teacherspayteachers.com
a great website run by TEACHERS! Everything offered on the website is EXTREMELY affordable as all us teachers can attest we don't make much! I did it this way, because it's a lot of work to hand write all your basic 411 info for a sub. This sub pack I bought was pretty much spot on aligned with my schools procedures, and what ever was different, the whole file was completely text editable! Winning! Yes! 

 I keep my sub tub underneath my front table. It's easily accessible to the substitute teacher as well as my students knowing exactly where it is. 

I also whipped up this little lesson for my After School Academy Art class.

 And here are their clay fish from a few wks ago! I am loving the new glaze colors I ordered! I just wish glazes weren't so dang expensive! 



  1. so organized!! my parents are both teachers and people definitely don't realize how much work goes into it!

  2. This is great! You seem like you are such an organized teacher, I love this idea.



  3. How organized are you! I'm totally impressed :)

  4. the fishes are so cute ^.^

    - ♥♥♥ -

  5. I am so glad you are happy with my Sub Tub! I have the same Chevron binder. :) Cuteness!!!


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