24 October 2012

Art Room Happenings October

I have to admit, I've been super busy and to tired to update on blogger. Apologies.

Here are some current art room happenings!

These skeletons were taught to my after school art class grades 2nd and 3rd. Originally I got the idea from Pinterest, which was of a plain q tip skeleton, so naturally I had to give it my own spin and jazz it up more! 

We used construction paper crayons (MY FAVE) to add awesome details in the background. We used oil pastels on the frame patterns. 

These were a hit with the teachers!

My kinders made these fun Happy Cats for halloween. Focus was cutting their own SHAPES out for the ears and eyes, nose, mouth etc etc. Overall they turned out cute! 

My 4th grade JUST started to create their own rendition of Edward Munch's famous painting "The Scream."

So far the kids are loving it!



  1. Your kiddo's art work never disappoints! Yet, you get new students errrry year! Starting to think it might be the teach!

  2. These are so cute! I love all the spooky kids drawings!!



  3. Love the skeletons! The kids must have loved making these!

  4. How cute are those projects!! I miss crafting. :)

    Yasi @ Hello, Gorgeous!

  5. Love these posts. I just bought q-tips the other day so my kiddos could make skeletons at home!


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