04 October 2012

The Debate: According to my Facebook last night...

I thought it would be funny to blog what facebook thought of the debate last night rather than what I thought...although I will share my status update on here too..

Here's what some crazy cats were thinkin.......

This was my own two cents
*note I was making a JOKE. Most people seem to grasp it, even the lovely Ashley over at the Shine Project...and yet I still had one questionable comment?


 Then smack in the middle of everyone's political updates, I had a friend post this! 


Overall, I was quite pleasantly surprised at most of my "friends" status'. No one really wrote or updated anything mean or hateful. Twitter on the other hand ugh! It was rough reading a few people's tweets! 

Final consensus: 

If you are one of those "friends" that doesn't give a shit about this election then you should probably move to China. 

You're an AMERICAN it's your civil duty to give a shit! 

If you are one of those friends that is undecided.....

Do your homework on Romney and Obama. Don't vote for someone just because someone else is in favor of them.

And just because someone doesn't agree with your stance doesn't make them a "non friend" anymore!

Boy, if that was the case, I would of deleted half of my FB friends!

TO EACH HIS OR HER OWN! It's okay to have different beliefs and or views!  


Peace out bloggies.

See you at the polls!



  1. OMG, Facebook was unreal last night. Twitter too! I tried to avoid both as best as I could!

  2. I try and not get political on social media but I completely agree with the People First Language. I work with children diagnosed with autism and other disabilities so to hear "disabled kids" and "autistic kids" from both otf them pretty much pissed me off! They are always the forgotten population:(

  3. Your friends had some great comments!

  4. Amen! Seriously everyone feels like they need to say something, everyone feels the need to be whitty and it's a lot! I agree, to each his own. :)

  5. I loved your comments at the end. People should care about the debates, it's really important. It doesn't make you look cool to not care.

  6. Great perspective! You rocked it today!

  7. i'm w you, i kind of liked everyone voicing their opinions on fb. some were dumb, but i think it was great that most people posted about something so important and affects each of us! ps i'm a Mormon and i thought your post was funny

  8. I LOVE that you took screen shots of all of these. Pretty much IDENTICAL to what my FB looked like. I quite enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the debate. I call them both "Well Educated Dumbasses". I do like the "Asshat" term, though. That's a new one!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this post! I could not agree with you more and you bring up some very good points!

  10. OMG how smart and clever are you?! I love that you did this! So funny!


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