25 September 2012

Shame Shame know your name!

I recently got a forwarded email of a ton of naughty dog photos with notes from my Uncle. Come to find out there is a whole website called DOG SHAMING {dot}com 
view here
Some of the captions on the photos had me in stitches of laughter! 

My inspiration for this whole post actually came from Sarah over at Total Basset Case! She instagramed her sweet Floyd and I immediately commented and told her that this very picture should go on that website (Dog Shaming obviously)

Here's her Floyd haha
You can check out her blog HERE

So grateful that my little ball of fluff is NOT a chewer or house destroyer! The worst offense she's  ever had was stealing panties and trying to eat the crotch out of them (hence her nickname panty bandit!) and she likes to eat ppl's used tissues out of the trash (which is why we no longer have bathroom trash cans on the floor!)



  1. I just log dog shaming. My little guy has done a few naughty things! Its all pretty funny. I cant get mad he is so cute.

  2. Oh my goshhhh, the dog with the rocks in his tummy is insane! Poor Floyd - he has no poker face :)

  3. I got that same e-mail and I was dying!! I could have my own website, due to Bailey's shameful actions i.e chewing up shoes, socks, underwear.. jumping up on the counter and eating an entire plate of cookies.. digging under the fence and consuming all of my neighbor's dog food from their garage (i'm surprised she could make it home).. the list could go on!

  4. Hhahah. I think the red velvet one is my favorite!! Thanks for giving Floyd and I a shout out!!

  5. I am laughing hysterically! I'll have to check that website out! :)

  6. lol I LOVE this website...my dog is definitely a trouble maker, so I can relate to that site like no other...all of the ones you posted were hilarious!

  7. I got this email for the first time today and I was literally LOLing!

  8. I was DYING reading these! I definitely went and browsed the site. I could be there all day! :)

  9. Someone sent me that blog last week and I laughed so freaking hard! The velvet cake photo above got me pretty good, too.. awesome. Gracie is JUST like Aspen in that she's definitely a panty bandit and also loves used tissues. Eric and I finally found a trash can at gordman's that has a lid so it can be on the floor..


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