04 September 2012

Canvas Art: Home Edition

2 weeks ago I ordered a wedding picture to be made onto a Canvas. Easy Canvas Prints was having a great sale so I said why not!?!

It came today! 

First thing's first! I bought the black frame first at Hobby Lobby and of course used their wonderful 40% off coupon! The frame was originally 69.00 bucks! 

I then took random canvas' inside of hobby lobby and held them up inside the frame to see which size(s) would fit. 18x24 is the size I settled on.

I tweeted around asking which companies had great quality of canvas prints, also easy website and editing tools to use was huge for me. Easy Canvas Prints didn't let me down! 

I took a few far away shots too. I hung it all by myself while the hubs was at work! Hope he likes it! 



  1. Wow - LOVE the canvas idea! I think it looks amazing in and out of the frame! :)

  2. <also easy website and editing tools

    If you are looking for the strongest editing tools, you should definitely try http://miraclecanvas.com

  3. That picture is absolute perfection. You and your hubby are gorgeous! :)

  4. Love the pic. Absolutely gorgeous :) Glad you went with Easy Canvas Prints. They are awesome!!

  5. I love it!! For my wedding, I want to create a canvas with my favorite wedding picture and have the first dance lyrics or vows written on it

  6. I tried to transfer a picture to canvas myself a while back, but it didn't turn out that well. Yours seems like an easier solution ;)




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