11 September 2012

BP3 Finale

Most of you followers know I'm a die hard Bachelor fan.

Bachelor Pad 3 last night ended, and holy cow I was so shocked how it ended!

So happy for Blakely and Tony who got engaged! She deserves a real GOOD GUY and I think Tony is a great fit for her! 

They should totally have a show where all the Bachelor/Bachelorette Contestants are all together and they get to chose who they want to date, since they all never seem to end up with their final picks but rather with ppl from other seasons! LOL

I felt really bad for Rachel Truehart. The whole drama with Michael S. really messed with her. But as a woman, I mean haven't most of us been there at one point in our lives where we let a stupid boy mess with our judgments and feelings? Poor girl really did her self in, and thus I don't blame Nick keeping the money for himself. 

I love Rachel's hair! Her bangs remind me of ME! Bangs for life...lol  can never seem to grow them out all the way! :( 

I'd write about all the others, but they are all small potatoes compared to the engagement and Rachel not getting a penny on the show.

Anyone else watch?



  1. I watched!!! I'm a fan of all things Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. By the way, don't you mean Bachelor Pad 3? This was the 3rd season after all. :)

    I loved Michael's blog about everything. It's hard to remember that not everything said or done makes it on air. SO much happens behind the scenes.

  2. I was shocked Nick kept the money but I guess I can't blame him. No one entered the show saying they wanted to only win half of the money. I love Rachel!

  3. I posted about BP yesterday! I felt SOO bad for Rachel - seems like such a sweet girl!

  4. i think we're on the same page. i saw some people tweeting "tony and blakeley? why?" i mean...they are happy...let them be happy. why try to take that away from them?

    and as far as rachel. i felt so, so bad for her with the michael situation. as a girl, i've been there many times. and i would totally have the same feelings as she did. it just sucks that she had to hash all of hers out on national television.

    i also felt so bad for her when nick took the money. but i also realize it was an AWESOME game move. he did exactly what (looking back) he should have done. i felt bad that rachel got so upset, BUT...at the end of the day...it was a game and she was there for michael, not nick.

  5. I was soo shocked!~! But as it played out I wasn't surprised... they didnt have a relationship at all, and with lack of a friendshipof sorts, there would be no trust. But still that was a lot of money he pocketed!! I did feel bad for her and was sad to see that her and Michael werent together! I do think Blakely and Tony are cute together tho!

  6. Jacqlyn is SO much drama!! I was happy Blakely and Tony got engaged too. And I feel bad for Rachel but I do see why Nick did what he did! He could have been a little nicer about it though.

  7. I was cheering and laughing at the same time when Nick said his speech then kept the money. Well deserved, I thought. He got the shaft the entire season. My favorite part was Kalon's comment about how none of them deserved the money, but were just fortunate enough to be on the show. Who knew Kalon would become the voice of reason!

  8. I absolutely love Tony and Blakely as a couple. Who knew the season would end with Blakely being one of my season faves. I can't say I blame Nick either.

  9. I was shocked as well! I mean, I get that Nick played the game a smart way, but WOW was he cocky about it afterwards!

  10. i watched the show and best episode ever in the 3 seasons they have filmed this show. nick was awesome for laying under the rug and taking it all at the end and i don't blame him for how he played the game, rachel i feel bad for her but not too bad

  11. omg I just watched the finale, and hooooly cow that was PERFECT. Like, Go Nick!!! hahaha who knew, right?! I think he totally played the game great- never got involved in drama, stayed in the shadows (I literally had no idea who he was until the end- still not sure where he came from lol) but it was absolutely genius how it ended! As for Rachel, poor girl didn't exactly get her happy fairytale ending, but hey. It's Bachelor Pad. What do you expect.

  12. I LOVED this finale. I thought Nick did the right thing as well! No one liked him and no one even thought he was a threat. Sweet justice!


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