05 September 2012

How Pinteresting: Hair Envy

My edition of How Pinteresting Wed....

Hair Envy..

I saw this pin of this girls super gorgeous long blonde hair braid
and thought "So pretty!"

Come to find out, that my hair envy of all these girls that I see on pinterest, all wear FAKE HAIR! aka extensions weaves...

Yuck. Just not for me. I have come to terms with that odds are if you see a girl with wicked long hair, chances are half of it isn't hers! 

Some other GORGEOUS bloggy women who are able to pull off the extensions beautifully.....


Cutest blog and tutorials 
and most unique name for her son, Hanes! (like the underwear!)

Baby Meg 

Love this two tone look, although I don't know if I could ever do it to my own! 
*image from Modern Vintage Boutique.

I showed this image to my hair stylist saying I want my hair like this!
She said, "C Mae, your hair is cut like this" 
I say how come it doesn't look like it then?

Goes to show you can be in LOVE with pictures of others' hair, but everyone is different when it comes to texture thickness etc etc...

Work with what you got ladies!

And that's my 2 cents hair advice!

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  1. pfft, you don't need fake hair for it to be GORGEOUS!! although, apparently, it's a hell of a lot easier if you do ;)
    love it! i'm totally doing this link up.

  2. ya; i was going to say when i look at those pictures i can just tell and assume that they have extensions.
    my sister has them..and she can pull them off..i dont think i could.

  3. i think you have gorgeous hair.

  4. wow...this is making me realize how badly i need to go get my hair done! :) lovely hair ideas!

    happy wednesday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

  5. I love that two toned look too - you could totally pull that off!

  6. I love your blonde hair! True, most long long hair is extensions!

  7. Ha ha I guess nothing is real anymore!!!

  8. I love love love this post...because I am guilty of wearing la weave. Some girls just can't do it..and that's fine..but I have a teensy obsession with mine and wear it just about everywhere! Have a great rest of your week :)

  9. Oh man I could NEVER pull off extensions! My hair is already so thick that if I add 2 more pieces it will poof out and look like poodle's hair lol

  10. Just imagine how heavy that braid must be. Yuck. I'd totally have a headache after an hour!
    But if I had super thin hair I know I'd be grateful for the opportunity to have extensions and add some hair to my head :)

  11. Yeah, I wish my hair looked like that too. Extensions, huh? Who knew!


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