28 May 2012

Waves vs curls

Many have inquired about my hair and how I curl it.

I've been meaning to do a post on it, but haven't had time in oh say the last 2 months of craziness with school and such! 

I swear I own every curling, crimping, wave tool there is! 

I recently tried out this new clamp-less curling iron by Hot Tools since everyone "LOVES" hot tools. 
The Green one (one on the left) is the first clip less curling iron I bought months ago. The white one is the one I got a week ago. 

Can you tell in these pictures which was curling with a REGULAR curling iron, and which was curled with a clip less iron?




Give up?

Okay. Photo A was curled with my normal curling iron 
Photo B was curling with the Clip less green curling iron 
and Photo C was curled with a regular curling iron

Clip less curling irons are not all that difficult to use, but I found that the hot tools iron, was difficult to use since the barrel is inconsistent with width. It starts out larger at the base and thins out towards the tip. The little stand that holds the iron up off the counter is super annoying and totally gets in the way of wrapping your hair around the barrel. 

I will be returning the Hot Tools Iron to Ulta and sticking with my first clip less curling iron 

Here's the brand in case anyone was wondering.

I will say I have fallen into the trap of seeing cute hair on somebody else and then running out to find that exact tool they may or may have not used on their hair. 

Biggest lesson learned in being a hair freak is that everyone's hair is DIFFERENT. So what may look good on you may not look good on others depending on their hair type and such. 



  1. I've curled my hair nearly every single day with the curling wand! I'm obsessed with it and love how it makes my hair look! Your hair looks awesome in each of the pictures! I don't know if there is a time difference for you in using the clamp-less or the regular curling iron but for me the curling iron takes me 30 mins. where the wand only about 10! So it makes it much quicker to get ready too! :)

  2. You are beautiful! And thanks for sharing. Now, what tool do I use to to get your hair on my head?! Ha.

  3. I have a curling iron with a stand holder, and I too agree it gets in the way. I love the green one iron that you did your hair with in picture "B", and I definitely would love to check it out for purchase ;)
    -Lovely Nina
    Lovely Little Things

  4. I find that my hair looks really weird if I curl it with a clip-less wand that thins out at the end. So I just took off the clip from my favorite curling iron, and I love how my hair looks! It looks much more even and prettier haha

  5. Your hair is so pretty! I have it mastered the clampless curls although I did make a clampless iron by simply removing the clamp from and old iron. I did want to buy one until I new it worked for my hair. I guess I just need more practice.

  6. I just bought a clipless iron and i love it! It makes the prettiest curls. I like the first picture :) You sure are beautiful!

  7. I agree! Everyone's hair is different, and I've tried things that I love that just won't work on my hair.

    But I have got to try the clip-less curling iron, though!

  8. i totally agree w you about each person's hair being different, bc no matter how i curl my hair w a curling iron it always looks the same.

  9. Either way, I think your hair looks great!

  10. Do you have a video of how you curl your hair???


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