10 May 2012

Art Show 2012

Sorry friends. I know I've been very MIA for the last 2 months. And of course, this is very unlike me, considering I've been at this here ole blog for over a few years now and haven't missed all that many posts till the last month or so! 

What I've been up to:

My school had our very first art show! We had a HUGE HUGE HUGE turn out. We raised 560 dollars in "donations" which will cover buying all new glazes and clay for next year. WOO HOO! 

There were many other pieces of art NOT photographed (cough cough mister wonderful missed a few) He was the camera man in all the mayhem while I ran around constantly fixing "falling" pieces and such. My 5th graders coil pots he forgot to photograph, plus their starry Night van gogh pieces he didn't get up close, my 3rd graders 3D vases (but I did blog about those earlier a few months ago) and my 3rd graders clay frogs. 

I am exhausted. Mentally and Physically. The last month of teaching has been the most demanding.

That's all for now. :) I'm alive, just trying to unwind a bit and soak in all that has happened! 



  1. Congrats on having the art show under your belt! Looks like fun and a very successful event! Good job, sista! :) And I feel you.. I've been so crammed lately that I'm just tired of so many demands on my time lately!

  2. It all looks GREAT!!!!! Good job!!!!!

  3. Looks like everything was a success! Congrats!

  4. Great artwork. Thanks for sharing. I love the yellow dress. I tried to by it online, but it was out of stock... bummed! It looks great on you!

  5. Amazing... you are such a dedicated & creative art teacher! I love seeing all that you help come up with for your kids. It's such an important way for them to express themselves :)

  6. I seriously think that you have the best job ever...I took "Art for Elementary" in college and it was sooo fun!

  7. This looks AWESOME! I just had my first show too! I teach middle school, mine was in no way this big! My students submitted work they wanted to show. Check it out if you like! Pictures aren't awesome, I took them with my phone. :) Keep up the great work!



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