31 May 2012

End of the Year Art

Today is officially the last day of school. I just have to head to school, complete our end of the year room check out and then I get to come back home and relax!

Here's a few snapshots of some of the very last projects I had going on in my art room. 

 5th ended their year with a painting assignment of a concentric circle which they made into an optical illusion on the eye once I cut their projects up into 4 squares! :) 

 6th grade had to do their self portrait in andy warhol style of pop art. Hence the crazy skin colors and such. Think the famous Marilyn Monroe prints. 

 2nd graders did a simple one day lesson of directional draw a castle with me on the board, then they had to outline with paint rather than a sharpie. What a great exercise this was for them! 

My baby kinders have grown so much! Their drawing abilities have increased drastically and I am eager to teach them as 1st graders in a few months! 



  1. I know I have told you this a MILLION times.. but your art posts are my absolute favorite!! They make me smile and my heart melt! :) I can't wait to have this stuff on my fridge one day!

  2. Those cows are from kindergartners?! Wow!

  3. I loooove their art! They have such a good teacher if they're all producing such nice work :)


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