16 September 2010

Sweet Finds!

Isn't this sweet?? Sweet as in COOL guys not sweet as in tastes sweet.

Old fashion book meets modern everyday new life line :) aka the laptop!

You can find them here
It has officially been put on my "want" list along with the Shark steam mop, the Roomba floor cleaner....that radio I spied in San Diego last weekend...

I think I am a W A N T E R ! LOL

And this is a cute idea!!!!! Where a person buys shutters anymore not sure..... but never the less, I like this idea a lot! 



  1. I'm gonna have to have that case... hmm... my birthday is soon...

  2. Both of your finds are super cute!

  3. Cute! I am loving that lap top cover. It's on my want list now too :)

    PS thanks for watching some of the game last weekend!

  4. The shutter Idea is super cute!


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