28 June 2012

Band Bling!

So yesterday on Twitter and Instagram, I took a poll, just for curiosity sake to see what other gals would choose for a wedding band. Here were the options.

 30 instagrammers gave their input!
9 voted for A
17 voted for B

I picked both of these options, but ultimately the final decision was my fiance's since he was the one buying it! :) 

And you know which one he picked???

..........:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Drum ROLL::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::............

Option B Won! 

I was leaning towards B because I'm pretty adamant about not wanting a thick band...a thicker band will push my engagement ring up higher on my finger, and thus I don't think it would fit my finger right anymore. I also didn't want a band that would take away from my ring either. Option B was very dainty and very me. So Glad the Mister has great taste as do all you instagrammers! 



  1. I love the band he chose! It looks a lot like mine, but mine has two rows of diamonds! oh, how I miss wedding planning and all the excitememt that comes with it!

  2. They're both absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. mine is more like A and it sits under my engagment ring wonderfully! :) I like both of them!

  4. I like them both! I have one simular to option A and love it! I actually got it from my husband on our 5 year anniversary to add to my wedding ring.

  5. ohhh i love B!! good choice!!!! I wish i would've put more thought into a wedding band, thats exactly what I was looking for but settled for something a little different!! you must be getting soooooo excited!!

  6. absolutely love the band! so exciting!!!

  7. I like B too. I like how thin it is. I think I'm going to get the same style only in rubies to match my engagement ring.

    ps. very happy I got my ruby ring a year before zuckerberg did! lol


  8. Good job! I personally like A, because my ring has that same design on the band, but I like the dainty one too! I STILL don't have a real band, because I don't actually like any band with my ring, since it's so unique. For now I just wear a nice silver and crystal band to keep my ring safe on my finger. It can't be sized any smaller. Whoops!


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