28 October 2011

What would you do if I sang out of tune...

Have you ever had an undying love for a TV show? One that never gets old to you, even if it hasn't been on air for a LONNNG time?

I am a die hard "The Wonder Years" fanatic. D I E HARD!!! 

'The Wonder Years' detailed the life of an average American family growing up in the suburbs during the '60s and '70s. Life during this socially rocky decade was so compelling, it kept the Arnold's family story on the air for nearly 6 years. 

Audiences watched Kevin Arnold get by 'with a little help' from his friends, get beat up by his older bro Wayne, and deal with the trials and tribulations of young love throughout the series. With all the characters that popped up throughout Kevin's coming of age, it's hard not to think back with wonder about what they're up to these days. From Winnie Cooper to nerdy Paul, where is the cast of 'The Wonder Years' nowadays? 

I own the whole series on DVDs for a few years now (kinda bootlegged friends) because for those of you who may or may not know, The Wonder Years has never fully been released on DVD due to MUSIC copyright rights!!! 

Some of you will say, "oh it's on netflix". NOT THE SAME. Heck, the opening song for the Wonder Years on netflix is some by generic schmuck because they couldn't obtain the music rights from Joe Cocker's record label! 

So where are they now, the cast?  

Glad you asked. Here's the rundown:
Fred Savage 
Kevin Arnold
Savage will always be remembered as Kevin Arnold. His little brother Ben had a similar success with “Boy Meets World” as Corey Matthews. Savage has since appeared in several TV shows like “Family Guy” and “Law and Order : SVU.” He has appeared in movies like “Austin Powers: Goldmember” and also is very active behind-the-scenes directing for shows like “Hannah Montana,” “Ugly Betty” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” He is married to Jennifer Lynn Stone and has two children.

Daniel Stern
Daniel Stern narrates the adult Kevin Arnold who reminisces about his childhood and also the voice behind 'The Wonder Years' belongs to Daniel Stern. A jack of all trades, Stern also directed a handful of episodes on 'The Wonder Years.' 

Daniel Stern is a prominent voice-actor, but he's also known for his roles in front of the camera. In '91 he played Phil Berquist in 'City Slickers' and who can forget his role as the intruding Marv in the 'Home Alone' series.

Dan Lauria
as Jack Arnold 
Lauria has appeared in movies like “Independence Day” and “Big Momma’s House 2″ as well as TV shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.”

Alley Mills
as Norma Arnold

After seeing the Arnold family through the turmoil of the '60s and '70s, Alley Mills went on to a string of TV guest roles on shows like 'Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman' and 'Yes, Dear.' She currently stars as Pamela Douglas on 'The Bold and the Beautiful.

Adult Kevin Arnold who reminisces about his childhood and also the voice behind 'The Wonder Years' belongs to Daniel Stern. A jack of all trades, Stern also directed a handful of episodes on 'The Wonder Years.' 

Daniel Stern is a prominent voice-actor, but he's also known for his roles in front of the camera. In '91 he played Phil Berquist in 'City Slickers' and who can forget his role as the intruding Marv in the 'Home Alone' series.

Danica McKellar
As Winnie Cooper
McKellar has made tons of TV appearances since the show ended, on shows like “King of the Hill,” NYPD Blue,” “NCIS,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “How I Met Your Mother.” She is also a best-selling author and has had books on the “New York Times” best-sellers list, including “Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking A Nail” to encourage interest in math for young women. Her next book is called “Hot X : Algebra Exposed.”

Olivia d’Abo
as Karen
d’Abo also played a recurring villain on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” in 5 episodes spanning 6 years (2002-2008).  She also appeared for bit parts in shows like “Spin City, ” “Party of Five,” and “3rd Rock From the Sun.”  Movie credits include “The Big Green,” “Wayne’s World 2,” and “Ultimate Avengers.”  She is also into music and sings, writes, plays guitar and piano.

Jason Hervey
Hervey served as Senior Vice President of Media and Communications for HealthSouth Corproation, but the company went under for fraud. Hervey sued the company for $300,000. He has also appeared in numerous reality shows like “Hogan Knows Best” and “Scott Baio is 45…And Single,” with Baio being one of his closest friends. Hervey has also worked in PR and held a backstage executive producer job for WCW. He is accredited with the idea of the LWO (Latino World Order). He has also worked with TNA Wrestling as well.

Josh Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer
“The Wonder Years” is one of very few roles for Saviano. Many consider Millhouse from “The Simpsons” as being inspired by his character. Saviano ended up majoring in Political Science at Yale University. He later attended the Benjamin N.Cardozo School of Law, and is now an Intellectual Property lawyer.


Did you know that The awesome Character Becky Slater was played by Crystal McKellar.

Who is DANICA aka Winnie's real SISTER in REAL life?! How about them apples!?

Unlike her sister, Crystal pursued a life in academia rather than in the Hollywood limelight. She's gone on to graduate from Yale University and Harvard Law School. She's currently an attorney.

Ben Stein (Mr. Cantwell)
Ben Stein's best known for his monotonously bland teacher roles. Bueller? Bueller? And in true form, he returned to the same type of role as Mr. Cantwell. 

Well known as an actor and a commentator, Ben Stein also went on to become an Emmy-Award winning game show host. In 1997, Stein got his own game show 'Win Ben Stein's Money.' His latest acting gig was as the voice of Rabbi Goldberg on 'Family Guy.' He continues to write and comment on economic, political, and social issues in the media

Robert Picardo (Coach Cutlip)
Coach Cutlip might have been better named Coach Cutthroat! Coach was not only Kevin's gym teacher, but also a bully amongst the students who had a knack for drawing indecipherable things on his clipboard. 

But, Picardo is hardly best known for his stern gym teacher role on 'Wonder Years.' Picardo is known as The Doctor on 'Star Trek: Voyager' and Dr. Dick Richard on 'China Beach.' He also played Richard Woolsey on 'Stargate: Atlantis' for 3 years.

*Blurbs about stars taken from here

And the Wonder Years House?

It STILL Exists!! 

In Burbank, CA

I've read on numerous sites that this house lies on a street that is very "old school". Meaning you think you are right back in the 60s since the houses outside structure still resemble the year they were built! 

And there you have it!

There were TONS more stars that made appearances on the show, such as Screech from Saved By The Bell, and Breckin Meyer, Kelly Packard (baywatch) Tons I tell ya! 



  1. OMG I loved this show when I was growing up. We watched it on the regular in my house.

    There is a station on cable called The Hub and they play old school television shows...The Wonder Years is one of them. I saw the episode last week where Winnie and Kevin break up and they end up at the same party...so sad!!! I had to go google how the series ended because I couldn't remember.

    I'm so glad you posted this. I loved The Wonder Years and I am always taken back to my childhood when I see it or hear the theme song.

  2. This post couldn't have come at a better time. The Wonder Years is one of my all-time favorite shows so I nearly peed my pants when I saw that it was available on Amazon instant streaming. I've been watching Season 1 this week and it has been AH-MAZING! :) I have to agree that the theme song is part of what makes the show, as is most of the mucis. Great post on an even greater show! :)

  3. This is one of my favorite posts of the week! Please keep these up b/c I was hanging on every word to know where they are now! I LOVED The Wonder Years!

  4. I LOVED this show growing up! I think we might need to get the dvds so I can experience it all over again!

  5. I LOVED this show growing up. We watched it every night. I miss it so much... I need to somehow bootleg it lol share your secrets. This brought back a TON of memories. if only tv were that good now!

  6. Great post! Loved seeing the where they are now about each of them.

  7. Holy Crap..... I was surfing Ravens Twitter and clicked to see who MYOHMY was, and decided to click your link of the blog you loved. Wonder years. But heres the crazy party. I'm watching it RIGHT NOW on Netflix. That song was on at the moment i clicked on your blog. Prior to seeing your comment, I was thinking 'I hate this version of this song... (season 1 episode 2). Eerie.

    :) Love your blog

  8. I could watch Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Development and Seinfeld every single day. Never get sick of them!

  9. Agreed, it was a great show!! I love the updated blog design :)

  10. When my husband and I first started dating in high school we would watch this show all the time. Such a great show!

  11. gosh the wonder years was SO good!! so many good quotes from that show... oh, except i don't like how it ended. don't wanna talk about it. same with dawson's creek. i cried for like, years after the dawson's creek finale. omg and the boy meets world finale... so many feelings.

  12. Oh, I miss the Wonder Years!

  13. I sang along to the post title :) ps. Hi! I'm new here.. lovin' your blog though!

  14. i miss this show! i loved it so much!

  15. What a cool post CMae! I remember watching this as a kid ... reminds me of just getting out of the bathtub in the summertime and watching TV in the living room. (random)

  16. I LOVE The Wonder Years! I always wondered why it was never on DVD and now I know :)


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