01 October 2011

It's October! !

Can't believe it's October 1st!
I love October. Mainly because I LOVE teaching Halloween lessons to my students. I used to dress up, but sadly as I have gotten older (oh in the last 2 years especially) I haven't gotten a costume or gone to any halloween parties!

And AMC Fear Fest is like permanently on at my house when I get home from work.

I love watching the Halloween saga and kid movies like Hocus Pocus I mean who doesn't love Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker as witches!>!?

Or how about the movie WITCHES that scared the PISS out of me as a child!?!

In honor of Halloween, let’s take a two-decade walk down memory lane to one of the greatest “Is this actually a children’s movie?” children’s movies of all time: The Witches.
For those who don’t know, The Witches is a 1990 movie based on a Roald Dahl  book by the same name. Starring Angelica Houston as the Grand High Witch, The Witches tells the story of a recently orphaned boy who’s taken to England by his grandmother. While traveling, the two stay in a hotel where a group of witches has also gathered corporate-conference style, to discuss their plot to rid the world of all children.
If you’re anything like me, your initial reaction was “Excellent idea! When can we start?” …but don’t get it twisted: these witches are no joke. For one, they’re hideous. Not pointed-hat hideous, but pointed nose/square feet/no hair/scabby/old/wrinkled hideous. Legit frightening. Few movie scenes that I perceived as terrifying as a child have really stuck with me, but the scene in this movie where the assembled witches “disrobe,” removing wigs and masks to reveal their true appearances (see above), still makes me want to pee my pants a little.



  1. Argh! The Witches! That movie used to freak me out too!

    I remember once reading that story with an ESOL child I was teaching; she LOVED it. Apparently not everybody is creeped out by the thought of bald people with purple spit who turn children into mice! o.O

  2. OHHH Halloween is one of my favorite holidays :)

    AND I LOVE HOCUS POCUS!!! That's a must each year :)

  3. Hocus Pocus is the best movie ever... It scared me as a child because I was scared of my own shadow (example: if I was flipping channels and passed "Are you afraid of the dark", I would avert my eyes to keep passing channels)

    Can't wait to see what fun halloween stuff you do with the kiddies.


  4. OMG! Witches STILL scares me and I'm almost 24!!!

  5. Both The Witches and Hocus Pocus are among my favorite movies!

  6. SPOOKY! I love watching Nightmare Before Christmas. I think of it as more of a Halloween film. It's a fun time of year!

  7. OH MY GOSH! Thank you for referencing Witches!!! That movie scared the heeebbbie-geebies out of me! No wonder why Disney channel stopped playing it, it literally still scares adults (aka me!).

    Hocus Pocus=Classic

    Colored M&M's are the best. What about candy corn?? That's the beauty of Halloween! :)

  8. I had nightmares after watching witches when I was little! I adore hocus pocus though, it really feels like fall when its playing non stop on tv :)

  9. There is NOTHING better than Hocus Pocus in the fall... or any time of year for that matter!

  10. Thank you for reminding me of the movie "The Witches"! I've wondered what that movie was called and I get crazy looks when talking about it!


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