19 September 2011

Emmys Recap Special Moments

In case you didn't watch the emmys last night 

Here are some great memorable clips!

 I love the surprise look on Rob Lowe's face as Amy P. takes the stage, clearly he has no idea that they were all going to come up and do something funny for the winner!

 Thanks to a pre-planned bit with her fellow nominees, McCarthy ended up receiving a pageant-style tiara and bouquet of roses along with her statuette. She exclaimed, "This is my first and best pageant ever!"

Kyle Chandler won the Emmy for best dramatic actor on Sunday for his role as coach Eric Taylor on football series "Friday Night Lights" after the critically acclaimed show wrapped its fifth and last season.
Chandler, 46, is a 20-plus year veteran of television, having starred on series including "Tour of Duty," "Homefront" and "Early Edition."
In his first major TV role, he portrayed a member of an Army special operations squad in Vietnam in the series "Tour of Duty" (1987-90).

A well deserved win. 
Clear Eyes. Full Hearts, Can't Lose!!!!!

How awesome was it that Minka Kelly, who was such a big part of the show as well, was there to hand him his emmy!!?!! 



  1. Thanks for posting! I wasn't able to watch last night.

  2. I loved that Kyle Chandler won! I miss Friday Night Lights already... Really good show last night!

  3. I love Melissa McCarthy. She totally deserved the win, and the bit that all the nominees did was fabulous!!

  4. Love that Melissa won, I remember her from way back in the Gilmore Girls days, and Mike and Molly is great! I'm just sad that "The Middle" never gets nominated.

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  5. I missed the emmy's last night, I'm glad you posted some videos! :)

  6. Props to Charlie for pulling it together... I thought it was nice.

  7. SO SO SO SO happy that Kyle finally got some love! Friday Night Lights is such an AMAZING show and I wish they had received more love from the Emmys! "Clear eyes full hearts can't lose"

  8. I love that Melissa McCarthy won! She is adorable!

  9. Thanks for sharing this, didn't get to see the show so loved this!

    Abigail x

  10. Thanks for sharing those clips! I only was able to see a few parts. I love Melissa McCarthy! Her speech, made ME emotional.

  11. Thanks for the recap, I totally missed them!


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