08 August 2011

Back to School!

Is it really MONDAY!??!!

The Monday I report back to school!? Say it isn't so! 

I have 4 more days to get my room in tip top shape before open house.

the kiddos (students) officially return Aug. 15th for their first full day.

This year I have to:

Learn 600 names. UGH

I get to stay at ONE school. Not traveling this year is a huge plus!

I am really likin my art room! it has a ton of cabinets for storage which helps! :) 

I ordered this manners poster to hang by my art room rules. I think they go hand in hand! :) 

I wish I had crafty involved parents that brought me/made me this as a gift!

This picture inspired me to make some Pom Poms to hang above my art tables

And lets not forget people...The golden rule for school is that....

Wish me luck!!!



  1. You traveled around to different schools last year (or years past)? Wow! Were they all in the same district? I mean, how do you get hired for multiple schools?? Anyhow, I can only imagine how happy you are to be at 1 school!!

  2. I can't believe school starts so soon! I start student teaching this year, so I'm really excited :)

    I pinned the picture of the pom-poms recently, too... it really adds color to the room! Love your other ideas, too!

  3. good luck!
    totally inspired to create some treats for my classroom!

  4. 600?!?! Goodness. I am so happy you get to stay at one school!!! Love that manners poster! Sending you lots of luck <3

  5. Good luck! and happy decorating!

    Wow your school starts back early, my kids don't start until September 6th (thank god haha!)

  6. Good luck! I'm traveling this year for the first time and I'm a little nervous about it. I'm glad you don't have to travel this year!! My kids don't come back until August 23rd but I went to one of my schools today to check out my room!

  7. I love all these pictures! What an adorable way to decorate the class room! Very sweet blog!

  8. Eek! School already?! But it's still summer!!! :)

    I adore that poster on manners! So cute and artsy; Perfect for an art class room!! You're going to have such a great year, and I can't wait to see all the fun projects you do with your students :) <3

  9. school doesn't start until after labour day in canada. good luck this week - i know your classes will be fantastic.

  10. Good luck! I start next Tuesday! Your room is amazing!

  11. You are going to be FABULOUS!!!!! I can't believe school is just around the corner! Ahhh - why does summer always fly by so fast?

  12. Wishing you a great year! :)

  13. These are all such cute/good ideas!

    Good luck this year!



  14. good luck in the coming school year, so glad you don't have to bounce around from school to school. Some of our Fine Arts teachers are working 3 schools each day!

  15. Hope you had a great day back and have a wonderful year! Can't wait to see all the fun projects your kiddos do :)

  16. Good luck headed back to school! I'm happy for you that you'll be in one place!

  17. i'm a sucker for typography, so i'm LOVING that manners poster!! :)

    wishing you a great first day back!!

  18. I love that apple cupcake :)

  19. Oh my goodness, I can't believe it is that time again! I'm sure your room will come together beautifully!

  20. Art was always one of my favorite classes!
    Hope you have a great year, good luck remembering all those names. :)


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